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How does areola black return a responsibility how to improve areola black

Areola is around the nipple around the skin pigmentation deep ring area, about 3 ~ 4cm in diameter, different colors, puberty rose red, pregnancy, lactation pigmentation deepened, I believe many people are troubled by areola black, so we need to find ways to make areola red. So how to do areola black? Areola plastic surgery has several? Next for everyone to introduce one by one, for your reference.

How does areola black do? Count the method that lets areola become pink tender

1. Areola bleaching

This is a relatively better solution to how to make areola red.

The operation method of areola reddening operation is to take the nipple as the center and draw a circle with an appropriate radius (generally 1.5 ~ 2.5cm). For the circumscribed areola skin resection outside this scope, the dermis and subcutaneous vascular network should be preserved to prevent the insufficiency of blood supply to the nipple and areola. In order to reduce the radius of the outer ring skin, a triangular skin was excised inside and outside the transverse direction to make it consistent with the radius of the new areola. Finally, the outer ring was sutured with a little subcutaneous dissociation.

In addition, choosing different hospitals, choosing different doctors and the method of areola flushing will affect the price of areola flushing.

2. Using tattoo method

Although the effect of tattooing the areola into pink lasts for a long time, it is difficult to remove the red tattoo. Once the nipple is tattooed with pink, it may be difficult to remove it. This is a quick way to make the areola red.

3. Using laser method

The advantages are fast effect, but the disadvantages are long wound healing time and high cost. The cost depends on the size of the areola, which costs about 8000-10000 yuan. The recovery period is about 10-12 days. After the scab falls, the areola will turn pink like a young girl. However, with the individual's constitution, it will return to its original color in about 3-6 months.

4. Use areola cream

There are some whitening ingredients in the areola cream, which will have some effects when used, and the side effects are not obvious. However, it is still doubtful whether the effect of areola reddening is significant. If we can avoid physical stimulation and appropriate breast care, with the extension of postpartum time, it will gradually fade, but it is impossible to return to the state before childbirth.

5. Use whitening products

The use of whitening products containing ursolic acid, L-C and a acid to smear the areola has nourishing effect, but the whitening effect is limited.

In addition, for people whose areola turns black due to hormone secretion changes after pregnancy and production, because melanin precipitates in the dermis, and whitening products only fade melanin in the epidermis, it is not effective to apply whitening care products on the nipple, and cannot make areola turn red.

How many kinds of areola plastic surgery?

1. Areola augmentation

The areola can be enlarged by tattoo, which can deepen the color of local skin, just like the color of areola. Tissue transplantation can also be used to expand the areola by taking the deep skin of the labia or tail.

2. Areola narrowing

Areola in women more common in pregnancy and lactation, and more accompanied by excessive breast size or sagging. The areola can be reduced by breast reduction.

If the areola is too large and the breast is not large or there is no ptosis, simple partial excision of areola skin can be done to reduce the areola. That is to remove the large part of areola tissue, make it match the breast size, and make it smooth and symmetrical.

The specific method of areola reduction surgery is as follows, women can seriously understand it.

1. The operation was performed under local anesthesia with periareolar incision or fan-shaped incision. The operation does not damage the nipple and breast tissue, and the incision marks remain at the edge of the areola or in the areola, which is generally not obvious.

2. Take the nipple as the center, draw a circle with an appropriate radius (generally 1.5 ~ 2.5cm), and cut off the annular areola skin outside this range. The dermis and subcutaneous vascular network should be preserved to prevent insufficient blood supply to the nipple and areola.

3. In order to reduce the radius of the new areola, a triangular skin was excised from the outside and inside of the outer skin in the transverse direction.

4. The peripheral subcutaneous tissue was slightly dissociated and then sutured. After the operation, only gauze cover, do not have to bandage, take antibiotics. The stitches were removed 7-8 days after operation.

Areola reduction or areola enlargement should be strictly controlled only for cosmetic purposes. Women's areola will be colored and enlarged after pregnancy, so girls generally do not need to do areola enlargement. If it is really necessary, it can be expanded slightly by means of decoration.