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What vitamins do you lack? Just look at your face

Woman's face is the easiest to expose, what do you lack, what vitamin should you do? Let's have a look~

1、 Facial signs of nutritional deficiency in women

1. His face was pale and dim

Lack of vitamin B12 often makes the face pale. If your face gets paler every day, check your tongue, and if it's smooth, you're definitely short of this nutrient. Other symptoms include fatigue and memory loss.

2. The eyes are swollen

Swollen legs and swollen eyes are symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body. Other symptoms include weight gain, brittle nails and dry skin. At this time, you should increase the intake of salt, seaweed and seaweed, and supplement iodine.

3. Gingival pain and bleeding

Your gums may become sensitive, painful and bleeding in the absence of vitamin C. As vitamin C is very important for overall health, lack of vitamin C can lead to many diseases and health problems, such as muscle soreness, and even scurvy.

4. Hair problems

If your hair seems lifeless, dry, fragile, and dandruff, it means your body lacks vitamin B7. This is usually the result of the use of large amounts of antibiotics, which can destroy the bacteria in the gut that synthesize biotin.

5. Pale lips

If your gums and lips are pale, your body may be low in iron. To increase your body's iron level, you should eat red meat, fish and spinach.

2、 How can women avoid nutritional deficiency?

1. Be sure to eat a balanced diet

Most of the nutrients can be obtained and absorbed from food. Therefore, as long as we adhere to the concept of balanced diet and do not be picky or partial to food, we can get most of the nutrients and avoid the health problems caused by lack of nutrition.

2. Take comprehensive supplements

If you can't take good care of your diet, you can also take comprehensive vitamins, iron, calcium and other supplements to help yourself supplement nutrition. However, it's best to consult your doctor before taking it to know what dose you should take.

3. Regular health examination

Health check can check out most of the health problems, which can also help you to understand what nutrients you lack. You can arrange a health check-up every year to know your health.

4. You can consult a doctor

If you don't know how to avoid a lack of nutrition, or if you are worried that you are not doing it well, you can also consult your doctor and ask him to tell you what to do.