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How does female body moisture do heavy can cause body fat?

Now, basically all of the human body is the existence of moisture, especially female friends. In summer and autumn, the weather is very humid, it is easy to make moisture into the human body, causing discomfort. So the girl body moisture heavy will be fat? For the humidity heavy people, how to monitor weight loss?

Is dampness in female body heavy can fat

1. You get fat

Generally speaking, female friends with heavy moisture have a heavy taste. They often eat high oil and salt foods, resulting in poor circulation of the body, which deposits moisture into the body and leads to acid-base imbalance. In addition, people with heavy humidity are particularly afraid of cold, so they will store fat for self-protection to keep warm. Therefore, people are easy to get fat. At the same time, people with heavy dampness often lack Qi and blood, and the body's metabolic capacity will be very poor, resulting in obesity.

2. Ways to lose weight

For people with heavy moisture, obesity is caused by moisture. If you want to lose weight, you must first remove moisture from the body. In the process of removal, female friends can adjust through Coix red bean porridge, which can speed up the removal of moisture. Secondly, we can also achieve the goal through exercise, because in the process of exercise, we will sweat, accelerate the metabolism of the body, and let the moisture and toxins in the body out as soon as possible, so as to achieve a good effect of eliminating moisture.

Through the reading of the above, I believe we all know the answer to the question whether girls will get fat if they have too much moisture in their body, and how to lose weight if they have too much moisture. In general, once the body inside too much moisture will cause obesity, but this obesity is only edema type, also known as obesity.