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How to get along with powerful mother-in-law

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a headache since ancient times. Every mother-in-law is treated differently and her character is different. What should we do when we meet a strong mother-in-law? Let's talk about it with you.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: treat her as a mother

A daughter-in-law should remember that her mother-in-law is also a woman, and she should treat her mother-in-law as her mother, because only her mother in the world will not be jealous of you. Although it is impossible, if you have this psychology, you will try to understand the sadness and loss in the heart of your mother-in-law, and then you can win her heart.

How to do when your mother-in-law is strong: when your mother-in-law is strong, you are weak

What has the final say is that a strong person is accustomed to everything and has to decide everything. She has the final say. To treat such a mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law pretends to be a little sheep. Everything is up to her, and she naturally has no chance to get angry. There's no need to fight between family and everything. Don't worry too much. After all, they are elders. It's nothing to lose.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: there will be no positive conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

It's never wise to fight with your mother-in-law. When there is a conflict, take the initiative to ease the atmosphere. If this kind of strong mother-in-law is angered, she will not be able to lose face. Second, she can't bear it psychologically. She thinks that you as a junior dare to despise her like this, and she will double your repayment in the future.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: communicate more with her mother-in-law

If your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law live together, you might as well communicate more. People who seem to be very strong also have their own pain and sorrow. When you understand that it's not easy for her, you may understand her present performance.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law

Mother in law and daughter in law, a pair of natural enemies. Especially in the face of a strong mother-in-law, a daughter-in-law has to swallow her anger. If she wants to tell her mother-in-law what she thinks, it's better to infiltrate her mother-in-law with the lubricant of her husband, and what you have to do is to be a good and obedient daughter-in-law.

Mother in law is more powerful how to do: never abuse her husband in front of her mother in law's face

No matter what kind of mother-in-law she is, what she cares most about is her baby son. No matter how much her husband loves you, dotes on you, or how angry you are, you can't beat and scold her husband in front of her, even if it's just playing. She'll be unhappy, and the consequences will be serious.

How to keep a bowl of soup away

The most reasonable distance between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a bowl of soup. That is to say, you make a bowl of soup and serve it to her. When you wait, it is neither very hot nor very cold, just suitable for drinking.

Mother in law is more powerful: don't worry about small things

Don't worry too much about the family. Even if there is a little contradiction or dispute, don't take it to heart. Don't hate each other. If you want to be open-minded, let it pass. Don't say it's your mother-in-law. Even your own mother will have a little friction. Be generous and free. Don't think too much about it. Some things will pass with a smile.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: the things she buys are always the best

A lot of powerful mothers in law have such a characteristic that the things they buy are always the best. The same is to buy clothes for children, she bought is good love to wear for children, daughter-in-law bought is not fit, poor material, too flashy... In a word, she is good at everything! When the daughter-in-law do not sing the opposite, just follow her words.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law

Many posts on the Internet say that the mother-in-law takes the grandchildren, how bad and how bad they are. In fact, it doesn't have to be like this. Grandma loves her grandson. She helps to look after the children, and the daughter-in-law just praises her. She always says good things when she buys food and clothes.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: let the child be a good bond

Old people like their children. Next generation parents often talk about children in front of their mother-in-law, such as children's learning, children's mischief and children's progress. All these will increase the topic of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and inadvertently shorten the distance between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

How to do when mother-in-law is strong: cultivate common hobbies

It's better if you and your mother-in-law have common interests, such as walking, cooking and knitting. A common hobby will shorten the distance between two people and make it easy to get along with each other.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: she has her own opinions

Do what you want to have their own ideas, do not mother-in-law a say no, immediately stop action, they insist on doing things, you can tell her the benefits of doing so, she understood, perhaps support you, when speaking to be patient, not a pair of impatient appearance, speak again blunt, this can only aggravate the contradiction.

How to deal with a strong mother-in-law: be grateful to her mother-in-law

Mother in law is her husband's mother, so we should treat her with a grateful heart. It is she who brought up our partner. We should not be hostile to her. We should be filial to her. Even if we do something wrong, we should be humble to her. Respecting the old people is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.