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How long a woman can fall in love depends on these factors

Maybe many girls will consider this problem when they fall in love. When can they take their boldest step? In fact, no one can help you decide the exact time. Whether the time is right or not depends on this.

About this adult problem, I believe many girls have thought about it when they are in love, especially the virgin who is troubled by their first love. Because he is always afraid that after going to bed, the man will throw her away and leave her in the cold, or the man will fall in love with her just to go to bed, not to love her, but worry about not going to bed. The man thinks that she doesn't love him and runs faster. Anyway, the sisters who have concerns about it, if not, are worried about the same result: the man will leave her. As a result, in reality, difficult questions are always asked repeatedly in the group. They are blindly proving that men actually love them, not just to get their bodies. Well, after persuading myself over and over again, when I was ready to die for the great love, I suddenly drew back and hesitated again.

So, when can I roll the sheets? There are post-90s girls on the Internet, discussing their first night, and then adding comments: 'I'm already his man. If he changes his mind, no one will want me in the future. 'if this girl has such worries, it's not time for her to go to bed, because she thinks that going to bed is too important and of cross era significance. She even thinks that you must marry him when you go to bed. The act of going to bed is an invisible marriage certificate in her mind. What's more pitiful is the man. After he has sex with the girl, in her subconscious, he becomes his creditor and has given him everything. He just owes her. If he doesn't satisfy her, the girl will attribute herself to the victims. The girl's sensitivity and worry will lead to constant quarrels. The immature understanding of sex will cause great pressure on men, and most of them break up at last. Then the girl naturally feels that she has become a real victim. Wow, another woman whose love has been badly damaged has been born. From then on, she begins to say that I no longer believe in love.

As mentioned above, girls with similar situations and emotional concerns are mostly virgins. There are also some girls who always ask you a standard. For example, when is the best time to go to bed with a man? When is the right time to go to bed in a relationship? When is the right time to go to bed after a date?

When can you go to bed? The decision at this time point does not lie in whether the man really loves you, because you are constantly doubting whether he is falling in love with you in order to get your heart or your body. Only you know the answer. There is no standard time and place to go to bed. Some go to bed one day after they know each other, and some go to bed after they have been in love for three years.

The time of going to bed is whether you have the best attitude towards going to bed. What's the best attitude? Optimistically, for example, even if you forget each other after going to bed, you can order a free 'Quanjude' as if you're not hurt. Of course, the premise is that you have feelings for him before, not to refuse, otherwise it will be a mess.

Chastity is not unimportant, but it is not as important as you think. More importantly, it is your values, your insight, your IQ and your taste. Genitalia is not a limited issue luxury. Your personality and brain are. Do you understand? Going to bed is not a 50% doomed thing for you to suffer, you suffer and you take risks. You should order a free 'Quanjude'. Even if he leaves you at last, he also brings you a pleasant service. You have nothing to lose. If you have such a mature attitude, you will take a positive attitude towards sex and master love. As I mentioned before, going to bed doesn't mean that you are his woman completely. It can make a man's chest tightness, make him have more desire to conquer, and make him feel more kind to you. Only in this way can you really get your heart.