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Zhang Ziyi goes shopping with a small apple

Since the marriage of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi, the farce of Wang Feng's ex-wife has been on all the time, and Zhang Ziyi has a vicious stepmother. A few days ago, a netizen photographed Zhang Ziyi shopping with a small apple. There is no sense of disobedience. Stepmother is more reliable than her mother~

Recently, Xiaobian saw some netizens saying that they ran into Zhang Ziyi in Hong Kong. International Zhang Zheng and his stepdaughter little apple are shopping.

From the photos taken by netizens, we can see that Zhang Ziyi and Xiao apple are shopping together in the mall, while Zhang Ziyi and his stepdaughter Xiao apple are still very close, holding hands, just like sisters. They are not like stepmothers and stepdaughters at all, which subverts the minds of netizens. Zhang Ziyi and her stepdaughter were chatting with each other from time to time. Later, they went into a shoe store. Maybe little apple took a fancy to them. As a stepmother, Zhang Ziyi squatted down to help little apple try on her shoes carefully. She didn't feel like a big star at all.

Even the shop assistants were very surprised. Zhang Ziyi was much better than the psycho's mother. She was also attentive.

After trying on the shoes for Xiao apple, Zhang Ziyi and her daughter leave hand in hand, while Zhang Ziyi is still holding Xiao Apple's shoulder, and Xiao apple is very clever to follow her stepmother Zhang Ziyi. From this point of view, the relationship between Zhang Ziyi and Xiao apple is still very good. It's said that stepmother is hard to be, but Zhang Ziyi seems to be quite handy.

In many reorganized families, there was a situation that stepmothers were very good to their original children at first, but after their own children were born, their attitude towards their original children changed a lot.

However, Zhang Ziyi is just an exception. It seems that since the birth of her and Wang Feng's children, she has taken more care of little apple. This is not, two people use the same mobile phone shell, aunt too think, the general feelings of bad people, should not have a special relationship with their own people with the same mobile phone shell. And Zhang Ziyi is also very natural to put her hand on the shoulder of the little apple. The little apple seems to have been used to it, so she is very adapted.

To tell you the truth, when GE Huijie made such a fuss at the beginning, Zhang Ziyi could treat little apple as if she were her own. This kind of thing can't be done by ordinary people. Xiaobian admires it.