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How did Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan know each other? Now Fang Yuan is pregnant

Yesterday, Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan got married in Hong Kong. They have never heard of Fang Yuan before. However, many netizens are still curious about how Fang Yuan and Guo Fucheng got to know each other, and when did their love affair begin? Next, let's make it up for you one by one.

According to Hong Kong media reports, 51 year old Tianwang Guo Fucheng and 29 year old mainland net hongfangyuan secretly applied for marriage registration in Hong Kong on March 4. They completed the procedures within three months at the earliest, and got news at the beginning of June at the latest, and took the notice of their application for marriage. According to the marriage notice, Fang Yuan reported that she was unmarried and working as a fashion designer, while the two reported that they lived together in a big tunnel apartment in happy valley. Earlier, there was news that Fang Yuan was pregnant. If it is true, Guo Fucheng is really double happy this time. Congratulations!

A few days ago, a netizen from the mainland disclosed that he would come to Hong Kong next month to drink the wedding wine of Chengcheng and Fang Yuan. The Hong Kong media had asked Chengcheng's agent Xiaomei before. Xiaomei said that Guo Fucheng planned to get married this year. Chengcheng once said that marriage is another page of life, hoping to get everyone's blessing. In response to Fang Yuan's recent explosion that she was pregnant for two months, Xiaomei said: 'not now, but there must be in the future. It is reported that the main reason why Chengcheng wants to get married is that her mother is old. She hopes Chengcheng will marry her daughter-in-law earlier and have grandchildren. Friends speculate that his wedding should be low-key and everything should be simple.

So how did the two get together step by step? At the end of November 2015, Guo Fucheng personally drove Fang Yuan to the Hong Kong Airport in a sports car, and first exposed the figure of "Xincheng sister-in-law". One month later, Guo Fucheng changed his low-key and secretive love characteristics, posted a flash on his microblog, wrote "drive slower like this", recognized that he was in love with Fang Yuan, and then posted two people wearing sunglasses every few days The picture of the meal in the same frame echoed "hand in hand" and wrote "it's a bit slower to eat like this". This kind of high-profile behavior was unprecedented in Xiong Dailin's time in the past.

After recognizing her love, Fang Yuan of Guo Fucheng held back for a period of time, only chatting on Weibo. Until September 2016, Guo Fucheng held 15 concerts in Hong Kong. Fang Yuan quietly appeared to support her and watched 8 concerts. Guo Fucheng expressed her love on stage, saying: 'this moment is the most fortunate for you and me', even with tears. Afterwards, she praised her girlfriend Fang Yuan's good behavior and kindness at the celebration banquet Understanding, revealing the intention to get married and have children.

In November of the same year, Fang Yuan had a bad stomach. Guo Fucheng drove her to Yanghe hospital and accompanied her all the way. In the next few months, the news of their marriage spread wildly. Guo Fucheng also recognized that the time was ripe on the program for the first time, hoping to get married and have children as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, last week, he confirmed that their marriage was scheduled for this year. On the 27th, Guo Fucheng revealed the "Notice of intended marriage". Guo Fucheng determined that they would return to Fang Yuan and took heart Promoted to be a man.

It is reported that Fang Yuan was born in Nanling County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province in 1988. She is a female model in mainland China. Her idol is Japanese model Lina Fujii, so she has come to prominence in the style of Japanese celebrities. In July 2012, Fang Yuan launched a photo album in Hong Kong and retired from the model circle. In January 2014, she made her comeback in a sexy way.

Fang Yuan loves the performing arts circle, and some netizens dug up photos of her signing up for the 2008 Shanghai beach baby competition when she was 20 years old. In those years, she was blonde, with heavy makeup, wide face and flat nose, which is different from the typical online beauty image with sharp face and straight nose. The outside world described her as "angelababy" and was questioned about plastic surgery, while Fang said she just changed her makeup and refuted the whole face Let's hear it!

Fang Yuan is 23 years younger than Guo Fucheng, and once became popular in Meikong with 33d underwear photos

According to the information of Guo Fucheng's girlfriend, she was born on June 11, 1988, 23 years younger than Guo Fucheng. Later, according to netizens' further disclosure, Guo Fucheng's girlfriend's identity was further stripped out. The girl, named Fang Yuan, is from Shanghai. She once worked as a model in Meikong and Taobao, and took the route of big eye Japanese hybrid young model similar to angelababy. As early as 2010, she became popular on the Internet in the mainland, and has many fans. She is a standard 'Internet red'. Although Fang Yuan's official model website and Netease blog have been deleted, and the QQ space has also been authorized, there are still a small number of underwear photos taken by Fang Yuan before in the photo album of a photographer in Meikong. In the photo, Fang Yuan has a good figure and a big show 33d is full.

Fang Yuan signed Hong Kong company to become Ms. Chen Jing in 2012

In addition, Fang Yuan also signed a special training contract with the agency of Hong Kong sexy female artist Chen Jing, and later made her debut in Hong Kong as "dada Chen Jing's younger martial sister" and "replica liadishan". She plans to join Guo Yinger, Wang Ziru, Guan Lisha and Zeng Shanmei as a group of new players to form the female disc making group "voodoo girls" to fight in the music world. In an interview with Hong Kong media, she once said that she didn't think her chest was full enough. She asked the team members for advice on breast enhancement methods, but was suggested by the team members that she drink papaya milk. However, when voodoo girls was officially launched, Fang Yuan did not become a member of the women's group.

Fang Yuan and Guo Fucheng's love affair began in 2014

Guo Fucheng, 50, is 23 years younger than his current girlfriend. The outside world is curious about how Fang Yuan got to know Guo Fucheng. It is reported that since Guo Fucheng broke up with Xiong Dailin, he immediately caught up with the trend and played instagram, a popular social application for young people. Besides his friends Zhang Zhilin and Yu wenle, Netizens found that the netizens who paid most attention to all kinds of young models in Asia came from the mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, with a number of as many as 18. As early as 2014, some media found that Fang Yuan, who was developing in Hong Kong at that time, was among the beautiful friends Guo Fucheng paid close attention to. For this reason, some media even found Fang Yuan to verify the scandal, and Fang Yuan said very cautiously: "he and I are just friends, and there is no other way to respond!" so it seems that the fate between Guo Tianwang and Fang Yuan may have started as early as 2014.

With the exposure of her love affair, Fang Yuan's various black histories have emerged frequently

Some netizens reported that Fang Yuan sold fake goods, and her beauty was also accused of plastic surgery. Wang Sicong, who has always been a heartbreaker in the entertainment circle, also sent a thought-provoking "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha". He even wrote on wechat that "it's still a Hong Kong and Taiwan star to cheat", which was interpreted to imply that Tianwang was confused and cheated. And netizens make complaints about micro-blog, 'girlfriend is not as good as Xiong Dailin's leg!'

In any case, the two people have achieved great success now. As fans, of course, they still wish Guo Fucheng very much. Although Fang Yuan is not the best sister-in-law in everyone's mind, she may be the most suitable one for Guo Fucheng. I also hope Guo Fucheng can accept his ticket playing attitude after becoming his father and father-in-law. Finally, Xiao Bian wishes the two people a good news as soon as possible Breath!