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Zhang Bichen wrote in response to the Bai Baihe incident. I am helping her

When it comes to Bai Baihe's infidelity, it has to be said that Zhang Bichen is lying on the gun. Originally agreed to be Zhang Bichen's singing guest, but it was replaced. Zhang Bichen also has something to say about this statement~

In the final of "singer", Zhang Bichen's guest singer was Bai Baihe, but because of her emotional disturbance, she was temporarily replaced by Yang Zongwei. But Zhang Bichen once responded to this matter, saying 'don't say other people's things, don't make a false conclusion', but was questioned by many netizens.

Zhang Bichen:

I'm obviously facing her.

I said too obscure, or some people really do not understand.

I'm not the one who's holding on to this.

In the final analysis, when people look at others with colored glasses, when people impose their subjectivity on others and choose to see the evil side, no one can save you.

There are so many beautiful things in the world, why do they always soar when bad news comes out.

Think more and think more. When people think too much, they think for themselves, so I follow my first feeling, say what I think and do it, and protect what I want to protect.

Chinese is too broad and profound, about a hundred people see, a hundred kinds of meaning. But I believe some people can understand it.

Forget it. It's time for me to explain. There's nothing else to say. I can't afford the hot search, and you can't afford to help me understand the offending people.

Or that sentence, thank you for coming, thank you for not saying, willing to come, your affection I also!