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What are the problems in marriage? Have you ever had these problems

There will be a lot of marital problems between husband and wife. There are some problems that can't be avoided, but the following problems should not be touched as far as possible. Once they are not handled properly, there is even the possibility of marriage breakdown. But do you know what marital problems are? Marital problems.

1. Communication problems

Almost all marital problems stem from the inability to communicate.

Solution: make time. Make a real date with your partner. If you live together, after the children are all asleep, turn the mobile phone to vibrate, let the message machine answer the phone, and have a long conversation with him or her. If you can't communicate with your partner quietly, choose quiet public places, such as libraries, parks, restaurants, because if you speak loudly in these places, you will feel embarrassed. Make some rules.

If you don't disturb each other at work, don't say something like 'you always & hellip; & hellip; you never & hellip;'. A large part of communication is listening, so when communicating with your partner, don't Scribble, watch or pick your nails. Let the other person feel that you are paying attention.

Marriage problems

2. Sexual problems

Even very loving partners can have sexual disharmony, which is due to the lack of sex education and sexual self-awareness.

The solution: plan and plan. Dating doesn't have to be in the evening. You can choose to have quick sex on Saturday when your child takes a nap at noon, or before work, or change sex places, such as the kitchen and fireplace, to increase the fun of sex. Communicate with your partner, see what you can do to make him or her really excited, and then follow suit.

Marriage problems

3. Money

A lot of marriage problems have occurred before marriage vows, such as money, since you start planning the cost of the wedding.

Solution: be honest with your partner about your current financial situation. Don't talk about money when you quarrel. Take time to discuss money calmly. Admitting that one of the two sides must be thrifty and the other wasteful, which is good for both sides and can complement each other. Don't hide debts and wages. Make financial documents clear, including the latest credit card bills, stubs, bank statements, insurance policies, etc. Don't blame each other. Establish a common account that includes deposits. Determine which party pays the monthly bill. Allow the other party the right to handle their own money independently. Make short-term and long-term plans. You can have personal plans, but you should also have family plans. Make a financial plan for your parents.

4. Housework distribution

Now many couples work outside, so it's important to arrange housework fairly.

Solution: arrange household chores in an orderly way and know what you are responsible for at home. Fair distribution of household chores. Discuss the solution together. If you don't like doing housework, consider hiring someone to do it. If one likes to do housework, the other can do laundry and garden.

Marriage problems

5. Don't care about marriage

If you want your marriage to continue, focus on the moment, not just when you say 'I do.'.

Solution: do something you did on your first date. Such as a gesture of appreciation, complimenting the other person, contacting the other person all day, showing your interest in him or her. Plan a romantic date in the evening. Respect each other.