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Why can pore jam, how can ability prevent pore jam

Often face acne friends should pay attention to, this is your skin in the warning. Pore clogging serious will be prone to acne muscle acne and so on ~ how to avoid pore clogging? Give you a few ways~

One of the causes of pore clogging: Oil

People with oily skin have this kind of trouble. The pores are not only obvious, but also occupied by blackhead and acne. Most of these pores are related to excessive sebaceous gland secretion. The sebum secreted by sebaceous glands will not be directly discharged to the skin surface, but will be discharged from the root of hair through the duct of hair follicle. The function of pores is like the pipeline of skin oil. When the internal oil secretion of skin is too much, large capacity pipeline is needed to dredge, the pores will be enlarged. And when the skin oil secretion is excessive, but not completely removed, oil and keratin in the pores together, it will form annoying acne! Acne in the pores, as time goes by, the pores will become larger. So, this is why people with oily skin have large pores and love acne.

The second cause of pore clogging: drying

Dryness can also cause large pores, which mostly appear in the dry parts of the cheeks. The opening is obvious and not full, showing a shriveled shape, which can be regarded as the initial reflection of skin aging. Because with the increase of age, our sebaceous gland secretion will gradually decrease; Secondly, healthy and young epidermal cells can do a good job in the 28 day cycle of keratin metabolism, and then produce natural moisturizing factors, intercellular lipids and other components in the process of late 'keratin differentiation'. These components work together with sebum to maintain the skin surface in a moist and soft state, while dry pores show that the skin is smooth Its own functions are beginning to decline.

The third cause of pore clogging: Aging

Don't think that the relaxation caused by aging is only limited to the sagging facial muscles, which also occurs in the pores. Because the elastic tissue of the surrounding skin shrinks and loses tension, the pores gradually elongate longitudinally, and then form tear drop or Y-shaped pores, especially near the faling lines of the cheeks, this phenomenon is particularly obvious, which indicates that the skin aging has gradually emerged from the deep layer. Therefore, the expansion and sagging of pores is an important symptom of skin aging. In addition to the reduction of sebum in the superficial layer, the insufficient secretion of natural moisturizing factor and intercellular lipid, the deeper reason lies in the loss of collagen, the loosening of cells between dermis and epidermis, and the rupture of elastic fibers.

The fourth cause of pore blockage: Sunshine

Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the number one enemy of the skin. It is absolutely not exaggeration. Ultraviolet rays can not only make the skin sunburn and tan, but also cause sebum oxidation on the surface of the skin, decrease the immune ability of the skin, damage the basement membrane, and damage the DNA of cells. The most terrible thing is that the sun is like a pair of scissors, cutting the collagen fibers short one by one, making the skin lose elasticity, causing skin relaxation and accelerating the formation of aging pores. So, all year round, sunscreen is essential.

How to deal with facial pore blockage? For the problem of facial pore blockage, Photorejuvenation can be used to treat it. Mainly is a kind of natural colorless cold cut glue to smear on the face, and then in the principle of light irradiation to effectively stimulate our subcutaneous related tissues, destroy the growth of melanin, let our collagen get effective proliferation, in addition, can also selectively cause pore blockage of excessive oil secretion, effectively alleviate the problem, so that I can use it Our skin has the feeling of pore opening, let us restore the fresh skin before.

Life solutions

Egg olive oil for skin firming: break an egg, add half lemon juice and a little salt, stir well, add olive oil into the egg juice, and mix well. This mask can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays. 1-2 times a week can make the skin firm, improve the pores and promote the smoothness of the skin.

Pay attention to the problem

How does pore jam do

Staying up late, irregular life, changing seasons and the influence of male hormones make the metabolism rate of cutin abnormal. Thick cutin accumulates around the pores, which makes the pores rough and easy to be blocked, leading to the formation of blackhead and Whitehead acne, and gradually enlarges the pores. This phenomenon is most likely to occur in the forehead, nose and both sides of the cheek.

Method 1: cleaning

Wash your face with a cleanser with proper pH value. There are different types of cleansing milk on the market: gelatinous or lotion and solid lumps. As long as you find the right type for you, gently massage for one to two minutes, and then thoroughly clean to remove the problem of pore blockage.

Method 2: cleansing / softening

How does pore jam do

You can use toner / softener to remove makeup residue and nourish skin. Natural products such as tea tree oil and hamamelis are very good. They have the effect of sterilization and skin astringency.

Method 3: clean the skin

The products for cleaning dead skin include facial mask and face cream, which can remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell regeneration. In addition to keeping your face clean, you should try to avoid squeezing beans with your hands. Try to use the pore cleaning strip to remove the residue in the pores.

Method 4: use deep pore cleaning products

Such as cleansing foam containing micro bubbles, contains high efficiency surfactants (but should not stimulate the secretion of skin oils, such as soap based products); if possible, you can add some pearl powder and other cleansing milk, which will make the pores thoroughly clean. In order to avoid skin damage, it is recommended to use the famous pearl powder, such as the longevity bird and the medicine.

Method 5: pay attention to sleep properly

Too long sleep can slow blood circulation, water retention, loose skin, and * coarse and frightening pores. Adults sleep 8 to 9 hours a day.

Method 6: pay attention to rest and stay up late

With the third point, lack of rest, stay up too much, will also make the skin worse, slack sagging, the effect of shrinking pores will also be affected.

Method 7: control oil secretion

Some JM think that the cleaner the oil is, the better. In fact, it's a big mistake. Sebum is a necessary substance for human body. People secrete it to moisten their skin. If the oil is too little, the skin will be dry, chapped, suffering! So normal skin to maintain oil-water balance, is this truth. The skin actually needs an appropriate amount of oil, some oil mm wash the oil completely, the result will stimulate the sebaceous glands to accelerate the secretion of oil, so the more control the more oil. The correct way to control oil is to wash off the oil and add proper amount of water and oil, so that the oil secretion function of the skin will be gradually inhibited, the oil secretion will be less, and the shrinkage of pores will be natural!

Method 8: for example, don't always squeeze the black head in the pores

It will be more and more crowded; some people suggest using frozen make-up water, which can only play a temporary effect, if it is too cold, it will reverse the extreme, making the skin more relaxed; some people will use blackhead paste, which is very dangerous, because it destroys the hair follicle tissue while pulling out the blackhead, leading to the worse condition of pores.