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How to lose weight is the key to make a good one month plan

Recently, the weather temperature is really close to summer. Some people who are not afraid of cold have put on short sleeves. It is estimated that only fat girls like me will wear long clothes and trousers to cover their fat. Xiao Bian asked a weight loss expert for a secret recipe. We call it: one month weight loss plan, now let's share it with you.

Plan a month to lose weight

1: Go to bed early, get up early, don't stay up late

According to research findings, the main reason why sleep can lose weight is that when we sleep, the human body will secrete a natural growth hormone. The main function of this hormone is to promote the growth of bones and muscles, accelerate the combustion of body fat, and prevent the accumulation of body fat.

This hormone is only secreted during night sleep, especially during & lsquo; reverse sleep & quot; about 90 minutes after sleep. When you go into deep sleep, your brain releases a lot of growth hormone, which instructs your body to break down fat and release energy.

But if you absorb extra calories and you don't get deep sleep, you don't have enough growth hormone to break down the fat. So, your body will take such a shortcut, the excess fat pile in your hips, thighs and abdomen, so, lack of sleep is the biggest culprit of obesity.

Plan a month to lose weight

2: Get up early

Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning will burn more calories, because your body's caloric reserves are almost used up by then. Exercise at this time is very suitable for burning the fat stored in your body to get enough energy. In addition, one of the advantages of getting up early is that people tend to stick to it because their free time is relatively fixed in the morning.

3: I don't eat at night

What's the right way to lose weight without eating at night

Plan a month to lose weight

1. Adjust their diet structure, reduce starch intake, increase high-quality protein, such as skim milk, soybean, soybean milk, tofu, etc.

2. At the same time, eat more vegetables and fruits to ensure a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

3. Make sure you eat lean meat the size of a ping-pong ball every day.

4. Before 5:00 p.m., there will be a dinner, porridge, fruit or milk.

Plan a month to lose weight

5. Through the supplement of sufficient protein and various vitamins and minerals, to avoid the chest shrinkage and sagging during weight loss.

In fact, it's not very difficult to lose weight, it's not very easy to say simple? But as long as you insist on believing, you can succeed. Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. I believe I can succeed in a month.

How about the baby who wants to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight with me!