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When girls are coquettish, their words are loved by their boyfriends every minute

Men all like women who can act like spoilers. As a woman who can act like spoilers, you should always talk about it so that you can be loved. The following will teach you 11 acts of acting like spoilers to help you grasp him firmly.

1. Easy to laugh. A quiet girl, very heavy, is a heart stone for the hero, will make him breathless, no sense of achievement. Therefore, love to laugh is very important for a girl in love. If the hero is the wind, you should be sand -- change to show him, and the best change is reaction, and the best reaction is smile.

2. Be careful. This is a double-edged sword. If you don't use it, it will appear that you are not involved, heartless, and lack of 'combat atmosphere'; If you use it too much, it's easy to make people annoyed. Like Lin Daiyu, she is in constant trouble and coughs up blood. What can I do? The safest way is to turn Yin into eyes in time when she is angry. It's most like the weather in spring, like a child who hasn't been weaned. She worries about an inch of sorrow and is happy about a percent of happiness.

Give him a nickname. Be creative, have fun and call him

Pinch him, beat him, twist him, tear him, bite him, point him with fingers. These feminine movements can be used selectively.

5. Unreasonable. Fight must win, and then put a lollipop in the loser's mouth to show sympathy.

6. In his arms. For example, in the cinema, on the outskirts of the road, in the open square & hellip; & hellip; this is a very warm approach, but also gentle trust.

7. Remember to say 'hate'. This is a strange word, men in love, love to hear, because it represents a kind of intimacy, and slightly ambiguous, not every man is qualified to answer. For the heroine, when she says this word, it will be especially appetizing and joyful, as well as a wonderful taste of 'anger'. If she drags on the ending, it will be even more exciting.

8. Use more baby language, such as reduplication. Men like to see their beloved woman in his' role 'under the unimaginable changes, such as tender, crazy, silly.

9. Have fun. At this time of you, is not defensive, very lovely, men like to see this naive.

10. Eat snacks. A girl's lips and tongue are easy to be lonely, especially when she is in love, so she often looks at snacks sideways, which is one of the happiest scenes of a girl in love.

11. Chase and run. For example, first throw him with a pillow, and then run away. He will chase you. You must be panicked but enjoy it. If you laugh and scream properly, men will be excited. In short, at the end of the day, there must be the scene effect of hawk catching chicken, which is a game result for both sides.