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Guan Xiaotong is known as Xueba, the brainpower of running bar

said Guan Xiaotong once again, he had to mention running up. The first phase was also spurred by the netizens to spurt the school to learn the hegemony. Guan Xiaotong, who had the hot search constitution, was run by the curve wrecker. Because in the process of the program, Guan Xiaotong quickly solved the equation, so he was called Xueba. But once this statement comes out, Guan Xiaotong is dead. Netizens have group ridicule, the standard of Xueba is too low, if this is Xueba, then I am Xueshen and so on. My sister has been searched for too many times, and her popularity has become very poor. This time, the program called "Xueba" to recruit gangsters. As a matter of fact, I'm just a girl. Not long after I graduated from high school, this period of time may really be the time when I have the most knowledge reserves in my life. Jun Jun wanted to ask you, are you able to know astronomy and geography in the third year of high school, and say goodbye to some knowledge after I graduated from university? So, the program group is still selling the "Xueba" and "Xueba" and "CP" all the time.