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What kind of shoes do girls' Capris go with? Different shoe styles have their own characteristics

for this season, there is nothing more suitable than wearing Capris. How can we wear long legs and tall figure? Let's see how to match shoes to make them look better~

Why do you look taller in Capris? When we wear pants, the visual center of gravity tends to the upper body. When you put on your Capris and show your ankles, your eyes will be scattered over your face and ankles, which will make your whole body elongate visually. Women can't refuse high-heeled shoes when they wear cropped pants and pointed high-heeled shoes. It seems that they can conquer the world with confidence when they wear high-heeled shoes. And the pointed high-heeled shoes full of femininity are the unique skill of high and thin modeling. There is no doubt that the high effect of capri pants with one line sandals and one line sandals is obvious. Because of the simple design and a large area of bare instep, so in the body can be longitudinal stretch, so as to play a high effect. Even if it is flat shoes, the right collocation can also show thin and wear long legs. Exposing the ankle is the key to height. So with a pair of flat shoes, as long as the ankle can also be very beautiful. Cropped pants with v-mouth shoes, v-mouth shoes thick look really not good-looking, but you can not underestimate it. Like the V-collar, it can be visually extended. Large areas of naked skin can increase the leg lines, thus enhancing the effect. And the v-mouth shoes and Capris really can't be matched any more. It's a combination of strength and strength. Capris with Oxford Shoes, like the neutral style of girls, Oxford Shoes simply can not be more appropriate piece. Classic, handsome, neutral Oxford Shoes with any clothing can have a handsome, British style. What's more, it's really good-looking, simple style with Capris, clean and not procrastinating, which is a very important part of the reason why it's high. Cropped pants with bare boots in spring and autumn, bare boots is a good piece out of the street. Capris are just as good with bare boots. There is not only no sense of disobedience, but also a kind of retro modern style. In recent years, the popular small white shoes are still very strong, and the talent seems to buy the leisure and casual feeling of small white shoes. It can be used to match with long clothes, which makes it attractive. With the right length of the Capris, whether you roll the legs or not, they are very stylish.