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Can pregnant women eat longan? Will it affect the baby?

Many pregnant women will eat a lot of fruits when they are pregnant for the growth of their babies, but some fruits can be eaten, and some fruits can't be eaten. Can longan be eaten during pregnancy? If you don't know, come and have a look~

Can pregnant women eat longan

People of the older generation often say that eating longan will hurt Yin, and then cause abdominal pain, even red and other abortion symptoms, which can lead to premature delivery or even abortion.

The longan contains glucose, vitamins, sucrose and other nutrients, is a tranquilizing, nourishing good, although its role and efficacy is very large, but it is not suitable for yin deficiency and heat constitution, and people with heat diseases to eat, and just, pregnant women are mostly Yin deficiency and heat constitution, after eating longan by mistake, it is easy to have abdominal pain, red and other abortion symptoms Therefore, longan is indeed a taboo food for pregnant women.

Especially in the early pregnancy of expectant mothers, because the embryo implantation is not completely stable, eating longan has more harm to pregnant women and the fetus, but for mid pregnancy mothers, baby development tends to be stable, occasionally eat one or two is not much problem, but must not eat more, there is a certain risk.

How does pregnant woman eat longan to remedy

If a pregnant mother accidentally touches this taboo during pregnancy, first of all, don't be too alarmed. Then, she must closely observe her body changes. If she has abdominal pain or even bleeding, she should see a doctor in time to check the situation of herself and the fetus and take the best treatment.

If you want to eat longan by mistake, pregnant mothers do not appear any abnormal phenomenon, or they scare themselves, calm down, drink more warm water to prevent fire, but really not at ease, you can also go to the hospital to check.

In some cases, you can eat some longan in moderation

1. Deficiency of Qi and blood: if pregnant women have dizziness, sweating and other deficiency of Qi and blood, you can ask the doctor's advice, eat some longan and cook a longan soup, which can replenish qi and blood, and improve the body's discomfort.

2. Lack of physical strength: in the third trimester of pregnancy, you can eat some longan, such as drinking some longan jujube soup, which can help pregnant mothers enhance their physical strength, prevent lack of physical strength during childbirth, and stabilize their mood.

What can't pregnant women eat

1. Alcoholic beverages: some of the substances will affect the normal development of the fetus;

2. Cold drink: it can stimulate the rectum, cause diarrhea, easily cause uterine congestion, and bring adverse consequences to pregnancy;

3. Coffee, cocoa, tea, etc.: it will affect the division of embryonic cells in the growth period and may lead to adverse consequences, so try not to eat it;

4. Too salty food: such as pickles, food with too high salt content is easy to increase the burden on the kidney, cause and aggravate edema, and the daily salt should not exceed 5-6 G;

5. Crab: crab has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which easily leads to bleeding and abortion;

6. Job's tears: Job's tears have exciting effect on uterine smooth muscle, which can promote uterine contraction and may lead to abortion;

7. Apricot and almond: when pregnant, fetal heat is heavier, eating too much apricot is easy to cause fire;

8. Soft shelled turtle (soft shelled turtle): it has a strong function of dredging blood collaterals and dispersing blood stasis, and has the disadvantage of abortion;

9. Star anise, cinnamon and so on: these hot condiments, if eaten in large quantities during pregnancy, will increase constipation in pregnant women.