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Boys are moved by the girl's moment, let you warm heart

A lot of people know that boys always do things that move girls, but sometimes some moments of girls will make boys cry ~ which moments can move boys ~ let's have a look together.

Just entered the university to fall in love with her, I have no money, her condition is very good, many people do not understand why.

When I was about to graduate, I began to quarrel. The reason was very simple. I was very weak because I was poor. Facing many practical problems and the confusion of entering the society for the first time.

Once the internship company paid 800 yuan, she insisted on giving me a gift, saying that it would not cost money. I received an envelope. When I opened it, I found a piece of paper, which recorded all the records from my first income (200 yuan) to my last salary. Finally, it said, "my husband earned the first 10000 yuan in his life, and I believe we will have more 10000 yuan in the future!"

You may not understand this feeling. As a tough guy, my mood suddenly collapsed, and there was only one voice in my heart at that time.

'that's the fuckin 'love. '

We've been together for more than six years, and we've got the license this year.

I'm not used to saying things like 'we ended our six-year long-distance love run and entered the palace of marriage'. For me, love is not a boring and tiring long-distance run, but more like an eternal adventure.

In this journey, we will be busy looking for food, worried about building shelter, sometimes frustrated because of the thorns on the road, because of the inconsistent pace and blame each other.

But what about that? When we get to the finish line, we still look at the starry sky hand in hand.

Wake up in the middle of the night, found that she did not cover the quilt, help her cover. She turned over, took my arm, put her head on my arm and went on sleeping, saying vaguely: 'I love you. '

One night I took a walk in the street

I bought a bag of chestnuts and chatted while eating. I peeled three chestnuts to her in a row, and she put them in her mouth. The fourth one didn't peel them to her on purpose, and she chewed them in her mouth seriously. At that time, I was almost laughing. Of course, she chased me

You can imagine that picture, on the side of the road with colorful neon lights and few cars.

The answer is related to sexual desire. In fact, they are all people who have never loved. Many men, even many women, have never experienced the taste of love in their whole life.

The happiest moment in love is not the combination of the body, but the combination of the spirit, which requires mutual trust, dependence, responsibility and long-term accumulation. This wonderful feeling is not comparable to the physical pleasure.

You know, except for your mother,

There's a woman who loves you so much

Middle school Chinese class, my composition was read out as a model, the title is the angel's smile. At that time, the students began to coax after hearing the topic. They looked at me and the girl who liked me at that time meaningfully. After coaxing, I looked at her by the window. The setting sun was just shining on her face, and she bowed her head to smile. I will always remember this scene.

Drunk twice, let her worry twice, wake up after dozens of news

When we woke up in the morning to brush our teeth, she had a little conflict with her college classmates. I said to understand each other. She said: it's you who have lived with me all my life, not them.

After drinking too much, I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. I feel it on the table. It's a full glass you've poured