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Stars love pink. How does Lin Xinru spread her girlishness

This year, Lin Xinru, who has been promoted to be a hot mom, is a popular Baseball Shirt. She is wearing pink at the airport today, and she turns into Princess Pink in a flash. Do you have a look at how hot mom interprets pink.

Recently, Lin Xinru appeared at the airport.

Friends who are familiar with Lin Xinru probably know that the probability of pink appearing in her private clothes is very high recently. This time, Lin Xinru chose a pink and Black Baseball Jacket with a gray basic thin shirt, and a pair of simple jeans. To tell you the truth, although this dress is quite age reducing, compared with her elaborate dress and the airport photos of other female stars, it is really more ordinary. It can be said that there are no bright spots and more passers-by.

It seems that Lin Xinru, who has become a spicy mother, prefers simple and relaxed dress in private. She doesn't need so many patterns. She is comfortable.