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Most of the reasons for middle-aged people's divorce are due to lack of sex and love

Why is the divorce rate of middle-aged couples getting higher and higher? Whether in the sweetness of feelings or the tolerance of shortcomings, middle-aged couples show a downward trend with time. Couples can not change the status quo of contradictions, divorce has become the best choice. What causes middle-aged couples to break up their marriage? I think there are mainly the following points.

The passion of love has subsided and the family relationship has not yet formed

In middle age, the passion for love and the freshness of marriage have faded, the running in period of the seven-year itch has passed, and the heart that can tolerate everything in the past has begun to disappear. It takes about 20 years for a couple to go from a lover to a relative. However, the transformation from a lover to a relative has not yet been completed in the 10-year marriage period. That is to say, this period is the transformation period when love fades and family relationship has not yet formed. It is also the period when marriage is most prone to problems. On the surface, it can be calm, but on the surface, it may be turbulent at any time.

Increasingly exhausted by the trivia of life

Exhausted by daily life. In the group of men in their 40s and women in their 40s, it's true that couples who seem to agree with each other are common. However, most of the conflicts are just trivial matters accumulated in daily life. Due to poor communication or communication problems between husband and wife, about 20% of the total number of divorces finally choose divorce. There is not much conflict between some couples. It's just a small problem accumulated in years of marriage. It's just a problem of different ideas and methods of educating children. You don't like me and I don't like you.

There will be no sweet talk in the conversation between husband and wife

There will be no sweet talk in the conversation between husband and wife. A few years before marriage, passion burning years, like glue, naturally can not feel each other's shortcomings, as the marriage through the run in period, into the flat period, people's mentality will change. Generally speaking, the first three years of marriage are the period of running in, so it is inevitable to have a little quarrel; the seventh year begins to enter the dangerous period of seven-year itch, when you see the other party's shortcomings are more than their advantages; From the 10th year, I entered into the period of marriage weariness. I don't care about each other's advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if I meet someone who makes me feel, there will be a story.

Foreign temptations fill all aspects of life

Foreign temptations fill all aspects of life. After more than ten years of marriage, it's very difficult for both parties to keep their passion when they are newly married. If they can't adjust their mentality in time, they may leave a window for their affairs. Men's 40 is the age of maturity. It's also the age when mature men are attractive. Of course, it's also the age that can attract young girls most. The rising career, rich experience and wise way of doing things are the reasons why young girls worship. On the other hand, men will be tired of the unchanging life, and sometimes it is difficult to control their feelings when they meet women who can make their eyes shine.

Discordant marital life can also lead to divorce

Discordant marital life can also lead to divorce. One is that when a 40 year old man is desperate for his career, his hard work will often affect his husband and wife's life, while a woman is in a stage like a tiger, and her sexual ability and desire often exceed men's needs; The other is that women are tired of looking after their children and taking care of the housework, and their sexual needs are not strong. At this time, the husband is lively. When there is no way to solve the physiological needs at home, cheating becomes an excuse for men to cheat. These problems may lead to the tragedy of divorce.

Mutual suspicion and distrust also lead to divorce

Mutual suspicion and distrust are also one of the reasons for divorce. Especially when women are nearly 40 years old, they will lack the basic sense of security. They always feel that men are forty-one flowers while women are forty-one bean curd dregs. As a result, their husbands will be exhausted because of their desire for control and suspicion. Divorce is also the quickest way to get rid of it.

Ignoring the communication with each other

Psychologists say: 'the longer you get married, the more used you are to each other, the more likely you are to ignore the importance of mutual understanding, and your feelings gradually fade away. In this regard, psychologists believe that no matter what problems, couples should be frank communication, avoiding problems is not the solution.