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How to take care of air bangs

Cut an air bang, want to be a cute girl, but don't know how to take care of it? Air bangs become not air, how to do? The most convenient and the simplest way, Xiaobian has helped you to find it. Let's learn it together~

Bangs care in the morning, pay attention to quick decision, curly hair circle is of course the best helper. Step1: spray a little water on the bangs.

Step 2: take out the curl and roll the end of the hair up. After the first round, pull it forward to make the curl tighter. Step 3: blow hot bangs with hair dryer to achieve the effect of shaping.

Step 4: wait until the hair coil cools before removing it.

Step 5: pull the bangs out of the middle.

Step 6: spray a small amount of setting liquid at last.

If you want to be more fashionable and airy, it's also excellent to use it with curling stick!

Step1: divide the bangs into upper and lower parts, and then fix the upper part with clips. Step 2: curl the bangs with a curling stick and pull to the right. Pay attention to the roll bar must be raised, the hair root must not collapse! Roll about 3 seconds, too long arc is not natural.

Step 3: iron the upper bangs and pull them up. Separate the hair of the upper part of the bangs and roll it again to make the upper part of the bangs a little bit more fluffy than the lower part. The whole bangs will look lighter and more airy. Step 4: dip your fingers with a little conditioner and rub it evenly on your fingers.

Step 5: finally put on the bangs to create a sense of air.

Is it very easy to take care of the air bangs? You and I can easily get the air bangs of the female owners of Korean dramas, and be a quiet and cute girl!