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The transformation of old jeans only needs these steps

The jeans at home are old and ugly, but they can't be worn. It's a pity to transform your jeans. Xiaobian will teach you how to transform your jeans and become a fashion expert again!

How to cut holes in jeans

Cut hole effect 1: how to cut hole pants

Preparation tools: a pair of scissors, frosted paper, a pair of tweezers, a pair of old jeans

Step 1: first, use tweezers to pick a hole on the old jeans. You can figure out the number of holes and the location of the holes in advance.

Step 2: then use the scissors to cut the holes in the jeans, and grasp the length and size by yourself.

Step 3: then cut a smaller hole horizontally 1cm above the hole in the jeans.

Step 4: at this time, the preparatory work has been completed, and then take the abrasive paper to rub back and forth, until the hole is white, and stop when the hole rags become fine, which can see the effect you want.

Step 5: make holes in the other part of the jeans in the same way. When the hole is finished, the jeans can be cleaned regularly, which will become more natural after several times!

In this way, find out your old jeans and customize a unique pair of jeans with holes!

Cut hole effect 2: change jeans trousers into perforated shorts

Preparation tools: ballpoint pen, scissors, knife, frosted paper, old jeans pants

Step 1: draw a line on the part you want to cut with a ballpoint pen (it's better to wear it on the body first to determine the approximate position) step 2: then cut off the extra jeans with scissors, and it will become jeans shorts.

Step 3: the next step is to make holes in the shorts. Here is mainly introduced is not cut through the hole (that is, the so-called cat claw pattern or white line effect). Step 4: first, introduce the hole which is not cut through, the method is very simple. Use a knife to cut the hole from left to right or from right to left horizontally (note that it must be in the same direction, and the force should not be too strong to prevent the horizontal white line from breaking). If possible, you can also rub it with sanding paper slightly after finishing the drawing, and the effect will be very natural after cleaning.

Well, the above two methods, that is, the most commonly used manual DIY method, are simple and easy to operate. As for the effect of holes, they can also be used in the actual production at will. Go and have a try as soon as possible!