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Yang Mi's hairstyle pictures enjoy all kinds of hairstyles driven by Da Mi

My favorite big power is really a variety of styles. Let's enjoy her different styles of hair with Xiaobian. It's really beautiful. After watching Xiaobian, I really want to cut the same style of yangmi's short hair~ Editor's comment: the above picture shows Yang Mi's hairstyle when she attends business activities. She deliberately makes big waves and irregular curls, which increases the fluffy degree of her hair and makes Yang Mi's overall style more casual.

Editor's comment: in this picture, Yang Mi, dressed in white, leans against the white flowers to take a picture, just like a flower fairy. She simply ties a ponytail to show her playful and lovely face, and her skin looks tender and smooth. Editor's comment: the photo above is from Yang Mi '~

Editor's comment: every time you look at Yang Mi's self portrait, you can't guess his age. Editor's comment: Yang Mi's three-dimensional facial features successfully control his short hair incisively and vividly, 360 degrees without dead angle, how to see how beautiful!

General comments, Yang Mi's short hair pictures, Xiaobian can't control myself! Come to cut Yang Mi's same short hair this summer!