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How to blow your hair at home? It makes you feel like a barber shop

Usually I wash my hair and blow it in the barber's shop. I feel that the barber can easily blow it. I can't blow it at home. Today I'll teach you how to blow it in the barber's shop~

1. The position of the hair blowing should be at the root of the hair. Many people habitually turn the whole hair upside down to dry, or use a round curling comb to comb down at the beginning to set the hair style. However, doing so will only make the hair below fluffy, and the top of the head will still collapse. When blowing hair, you should use your free hand to gently comb five fingers under the hair. Don't use your wrist to force. Turn your hand around, untie it quickly and repeat. It's like the feeling of blowing all the strands of hair. Blow dry the whole hair.

2. Divide the hair into small strands, double the effect, brush the next hair with one hand, gently grasp it at the back, blow it while putting it down from top to bottom, and let the hair blow out its natural lines. Then use the clip to divide the hair into small parts, according to the order of the top of the head & rarr; on both sides & rarr; behind, use the circular roll comb to comb each part out of the fluffy feeling and smooth streamline feeling. Starting from the top of the head which is easy to flatten, first comb the hair in front of the top of the head to the front of the forehead, clamp it with a clip, then comb the hair in the lower part of the top of the head with a curl comb, and comb it up tightly, so that the top of the head will not collapse.

3. Blow for 3 seconds, curl for 3 seconds, comb your hair with a curling comb, blow for 3 seconds with a hair dryer, then put down the hair dryer, and then keep the curling comb combing your hair for more than 3 seconds. So that the canopy can be fixed. In fact, the principle of hair blowing is not to use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow out the curl, but to use the heat added to the hair to cool and shape the hair, just like the feeling of 'stewing rice'. So when you blow your hair at home, you should heat it first and cool it down. Grasp the hair on both sides in the opposite direction and fix it with a clip. Use the method in step 2 to make it fluffy.

4. Do not use a hair dryer to blow the curls at the tail. Do not use a hair dryer to curl the curls with a curling stick. Use an electric hair stick to shape the curls at the tail. First, divide the hair into two parts in the back of the brain, then divide the hair on both sides equally, and fix the four pieces of hair with clips. Then roll the hair from the top of the side, roll up the hair with the electric hair stick according to the diagonal direction, clamp the hair like a bundle, grasp the tail of the clip with the other hand, and turn from the inside out. Turn the curling stick around and pull it down a little. Repeat 3-4 times. The rest of the way is the same.

Error 1: the conditioner is not washed, too much conditioner residue in the hair will hinder the hair dryer drying, and when you use the splint straight clip, these residual conditioner will hurt the hair!

Error 2: when blowing the hair, the area divided is too large. If the area is too large, it can't guarantee that some of the rash hair inside can be blown. The correct way is to divide small areas with clips and blow them from top to bottom.