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Four things that women should not do during their holidays

Many women don't pay attention to protect themselves during the holidays. As a result, when they are old, they are easy to fall ill. Some people don't know what to pay attention to. Xiaobian has sorted out 4 points to help you. Let's have a look. Can you wash your hair during menstruation?

Menstrual period can be shampoo, experts pointed out that menstrual period can be shampoo, but during this period should pay attention not to get cold on the line, do not go out to blow after shampoo, so as not to cause headache. Menstrual period wash, shower can, can't sit bath, so very unsanitary, it's easy by gynecological disease, this and female physiological structure characteristics have relationship!

What should menstruation notice

Menstrual period to avoid cold stimulation 1, pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold stimulation: such as swimming, cold bath, water field, etc., if the menstrual period by sudden and too strong cold stimulation, can cause hypomenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.

2. Avoid overwork, should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour, wine and other stimulating food, drink plenty of boiled water, keep the stool unobstructed, reduce pelvic congestion, pay attention to proper rest and keep enough sleep.

Menstrual period should pay attention to health 3, pay attention to health, prevent infection: should pay attention to the cleaning of external genitalia, menstrual period should not bath, can shower, prevent upward infection. The sanitary napkin used should be soft, clean and frequently changed.

4. Keep the spirit happy, avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations. There is no direct relationship between menstrual shampoo and cancer

Rumor has it that:

"When menstruation comes, you can't wash your hair or eat cold food, so as not to let the discharged dirty blood remain in the uterus. Over time, the hormone secretion is out of balance, and breast cancer and uterine cancer occur. '


incorrect. Hormonal (endocrine) imbalance is not caused by menstruation, but related to physiological, psychological, environmental and genetic factors. Cancer is related to people's living environment and living habits. If people don't pay attention to their living habits during menstruation, it can lead to blood stasis and internal arrest. Over time, it can cause pathological changes, but it is not necessarily cancerous.

Advantages: during menstruation, Han Lilin, chief gynecologist of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, points out that women's resistance decreases during menstruation. If they are cold, their Qi and blood will stagnate, which can lead to menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea. Therefore, it is reasonable to avoid blowing cold, wading in the rain, washing feet or bathing in cold water, and not eating cold food during menstruation. But washing your hair with warm water has no effect on your health at all. Dizziness and constipation are premenstrual syndrome

Rumor has it that:

If you have dizziness, milk swelling and constipation before menstruation, it's a precursor to cancer. According to the individual constitution with black (red) sugar, lotus root, radish, job's tears soup drinking, can prevent the development of cancer cells. '


incorrect. Han Lilin said that excluding the related medical diseases, dizziness, breast distension and constipation, all of them belong to premenstrual tension syndrome. Many women have such symptoms, which are caused by changes in hormones in the body before menstruation. The causes are complex, but they are not related to cancer. And if there is cancer, food alone cannot prevent the development of cancer cells.

Merits: eat some blood food during menstruation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar has the effects of Supplementing Qi and nourishing blood, dispelling wind and cold, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Drinking some brown sugar water during menstruation can make the body warm, activate Qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and menstruation will be smoother.

Lotus root is rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements. It is also rich in plant protein, vitamins and starch. It can tonify Qi and blood, cool blood and disperse blood. However, lotus root is cold in nature, cool hands and feet, and don't eat more during menstruation.

Menstrual disorders caused by improper menstrual behaviors

Although there is no clinical verification of the relationship between menstruation and cancer, Han Lilin said that if menstruation does not pay attention to some contraindications, it will also lead to some diseases. There are also many troubles

Menstrual period does not pay attention to health or sexual intercourse, bath, swimming can lead to reproductive system inflammation; menstrual period of overwork can lead to menstrual disorders, and even functional uterine bleeding; excessive intense exercise can cause dysmenorrhea; menstrual period if eating spicy food, or excessive drinking, resulting in excessive menstruation, irregular menstruation; menstrual period if excessive consumption of cold food, resulting in dysmenorrhea, hypomenorrhea; menstrual period if excessive consumption of cold food, resulting in dysmenorrhea; menstrual period if excessive consumption of cold food, resulting in dysmenorrhea; Menstrual emotional injury can cause menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, even amenorrhea.