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Can Pure Lotion replace toner? Look at the differences

Maybe many people haven't heard of what pure dew is? But generally have heard of toner ~ you are also commonly used at home toner, today Xiaobian will tell you the difference between the two ~ hurry to have a look~

The difference of making principle between pure dew and toner pure dew: pure dew is a kind of 100% saturated distillation liquid separated from essential oil in the process of distillation and extraction, which is a by-product of essential oil. Pure dew is the condensed water solution distilled from aromatherapy plants.

Toner: toner is synthesized by chemical by-product, which is a kind of water-like substance mixed by several ingredients in a certain proportion. The production process of toner is simpler than pure dew.

The difference of composition and structure between pure dew and toner pure dew: the composition of pure dew is relatively single, which is extracted from natural plants. It is very natural, and does not contain any chemical additives. Moreover, the molecular structure of pure dew is small, the penetration is strong, and it can reach the bottom of the skin, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the skin.

Toner: some toners contain alcohol, some are pure plant formula, but they are chemical compound synthesis, there are preservatives, toner molecular structure is large, not easy to be absorbed by the skin, moisturizing effect is not lasting.

The difference between pure dew and toner: pure dew only contains natural ingredients, so it's very mild. Except for some people who are allergic to flowers and need to dilute, other people can use it without fear of stimulation and adverse effects.

Toner: toner generally contains alcohol and salicylic acid. Long term use will cause skin allergy, even skin barrier damage, so it is not suitable for long-term use. At the same time, sensitive skin should be tested before use.

The difference between pure dew and toner pure dew: pure dew contains three thousandths of essential oil, so it can moisturize the skin and maintain it. Moreover, pure dew extracted from different plants has different skin care effects, which can be said to be more comprehensive.

Toner: the toner can be cleaned again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, regulate the stratum corneum, make the skin absorb better, and prepare for the use of maintenance products, but its moisturizing effect is not lasting, and the effect is relatively single.

The difference between pure dew and toner usage is pure dew: the use of Pure Lotion is very wide. It can be directly smeared or made of water film like toner. It can be sprayed in a spray bottle at any time, it can also be used for blending base oil or essential oil. It can also be used for hair care and bathing. Some of the pure dew that reaches safe edible level can drink directly.

Toner: there are only three ways to use toner. The most common way is to use toner with cotton pad for secondary cleaning, wet paper film for wet compress, and put it into spray bottle to replenish water at any time.

Pure dew and toner are suitable for different skin types pure dew: pure dew extracted from different plants is suitable for different skin types. For example, rose pure dew is suitable for all skin types, orange blossom pure dew is suitable for skin types with large pores and dark skin, lavender pure dew is suitable for mixed and oily skin, and you can choose the pure dew most suitable for your own skin types.

Toner: toner generally contains alcohol, so it is suitable for healthy skin, not for sensitive skin. Toner has weak moisturizing ability, suitable for oily and mixed skin, not suitable for dry skin.