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Summer face oil how to do, effective oil control is the key

in summer, the oil on your face can't be controlled, and there are not enough oil absorption paper to take with you every day. How can you completely control the oil? Here are six folk recipes to help you control the oil easily

1. Salt oil control with fine salt in the T area, gently massage rest for 3 minutes. In the nasal part of Betula platyphylla with open pores, use the middle finger pulp to do extrusion massage from bottom to top. After use, the skin will be a little dry, need to add water.

2. When you wash your face, you can control the oil by adding some Japanese sake in the water. Similar to alcohol containing astringent water, it can remove the oil secreted on the face.

3, DIY cucumber mask wash cucumber, peel off, use the fruit knife oblique cut cucumber, cut into thin pieces, about 1mm, slice finished, put a piece of cucumber slices on the face, in 15 minutes after taking off. The effect is very good, you can remove facial oil.

4. Grapefruit essential oil and sage essential oil are selected for the essential oil method, which has a rapid oil control effect. It can not only whiten intelligently, but also tighten the skin in T area.

5. White vinegar oil control: mix the white vinegar and purified water in the ratio of 1:3, gently wipe it with a cotton pad, and wash it with warm water after 3 to 5 times. The effect of this method is very good. In less than two weeks, the 'oil quantity' in the T area was reduced. 6, moisturizing spray first use oil absorbing facial tissue to absorb excess sebum and dirt, and then use a small amount of spray. Then use your fingers to massage your skin like playing a piano. Spray once again on the face and tap your hands to promote the skin to absorb the spray completely. Dry the excess water with tissue paper. Immediately apply a little moisturizing care products, so the effect will be particularly obvious.

How to protect oily skin

In summer, it's not a long-term way to only rely on oil absorption paper! So, choose domestic cosmetics correctly, bid farewell to skin troubles, and let your skin cool for a whole summer!

Sebum secretion by sebaceous glands is the natural protective effect of the skin; however, once the sebaceous glands secrete too much, the glossy face will not only make the skin look dark and uneven, but also cause a series of chain problems such as large pores, acne and acne hyperplasia. How does forehead grow blain to do? Find a reason, the method appears!

Because excessive oil secretion is closely related to the problems of pores and acne, the demands of oil control, pores and anti acne are often tied together in the maintenance products. However, as far as oil control and maintenance products are concerned, there are only three aspects to deal with excessive oil secretion.

First, reduce the production of oil secretion, such as using some calming and anti-inflammatory astringent ingredients to stabilize the secretion of sebum thread, such as hamamelis, Saxifraga and other plant extracts; second, add enzymes that inhibit the production of oil, such as cucurbitacin, to inhibit the secretion of male Holmon; Third, the use of powder adsorption skin surface oil, such as a variety of silicon powder, mineral powder, oatmeal powder can absorb oil, so that the skin will not look oily.

Clean excess grease

In addition to the basic oil control function, many products also have other demands such as anti acne and pore reduction, because the formation of acne and acne is related to oil secretion and keratin metabolism. Besides the oil control function, the anti acne and oil control products will also add keratin metabolism ingredients such as salicylic acid; As for the problem of pores, it involves a wider range, because excessive oil secretion of the skin will enlarge the pores, too dry skin and no water in the stratum corneum will also make the pores obvious, and the aging of the skin and the loss of collagen will also lead to coarse pores. In the face of many product demands, you might as well choose according to your purpose. In the face of acne left us bad memories' acne print ', we can try potatoes to acne print! Timely moisturizing

Oil control and maintenance products are products used according to the special purpose of the skin. When the skin has more oil, the excess oil will be removed to make the skin in the most comfortable state. Dermatologists suggest that the amount of oil out of the skin, you can increase the frequency of face cleaning, rather than blindly want to change the cleaning power of strong products; in addition, do a good job in the supplement of water-based moisturizing ingredients, choose a lock water replenishing effect of good skin care products is also very important. Whether the oil control make-up water or essence is used to regulate the secretion of oil, avoid excessive secretion of fat on the face by bacteria decomposition, further stimulate the skin, causing redness, sensitivity and even make acne problems more serious.

What is an oil-free product? The advertisement to tease oily skin, of course, has to follow the trend to promote the product, claiming that the new oil-free formula is most suitable for oily skin, so that your face is no longer oily enough to fry eggs, but also can improve acne and acne. In fact, this is a big misleading.

Not all oils and fats can clog pores. In fact, thickeners in cream care products are more likely to clog pores. Moreover, most oil-free formula products use 'chemically synthesized esters' to replace oils and fats, together with higher fatty alcohols, higher fatty acids and other components, to inhibit and eliminate the oily gloss after application.

If you rub this kind of non oily product, you may mistakenly think that you bought it right in the short term. In essence, it can't improve the fundamental effect of oil on the skin. On the contrary, the use of 'chemically synthesized esters' to replace oils and fats may cause skin burden and even injury.