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Fashion accessories these tassels are so beautiful

if you want to ask me what kind of accessories are the most popular in 2017, the single piece with tassels is really beautiful ~ it's a combination of nationality and fashion. With the beautiful clothes of spring, you are the highlight on the street ~ Chan Luu introduces the romantic Bohemian style into the design of the popular Collar Necklace, which continues the uninhibited aesthetic style. It is made of light black chiffon and outlined by bright silver chain. The silver round brand and tassel are elegantly embellished, which is fresh and refined. It's a good partner to wear with off shoulder top or dress. Although Chlo & eacute; is from France, this time it used the beautiful California as the inspiration for the early spring 2017 holiday series. This wine red hand rope is embellished with bright coral pure cotton fringes, and the shining gold accessories are the finishing touch. Who says playfulness can't be elegant? Veronica Etro, the founder of the brand, has always believed that 'accessories are the key to modeling'. This Bohemian eardrop is decorated with multi strand beads, and its feathers are very fluffy and soft. When wearing, the eardrop drops down to the shoulder, forming a scenery line with thousands of styles.

Katerina makriyianni's green tassel 24K Gold Earrings look and feel full of vitality! The green is perfect, so that you can enjoy the blue sky and clear water on vacation, and at the same time, you can enjoy the freshness of nature. Fan shaped fringes are also very creative. Super large earrings are the highlight of spring and summer 2017 series, and the size is the key element to determine the success or failure. Miu Miu's clip on earrings are made of silver brass and are decorated with a large Plexiglas & reg; baokeli plate heart-shaped Decoration - each one is connected with colorful crystals and beads. They are full of fun and have the best girlish feeling of Miu Miu, making you the absolute visual focus. Oscar de la Renta's shoulder length 'ornate' GOLD CHANDELIER EARRINGS perfectly cater to the trend of lengthening, enlarging and tasseling this season. After embossing, the earrings present a rich texture, and then with the elegant decoration, there is no lack of exquisite charm in the natural and uninhibited, and the one ear wear can show the fashionable charm. The brand's founder, scosha Woolridge, has taken inspiration from the journey around the world. This eardrop, called 'Wonderland', is decorated with faceted pure silver and gold-plated beads with red strings to create a tassel like appearance. Not stick to one pattern, it is more inlaid with turquoise material, adding a touch of bright color to it.