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How to draw fake plain makeup still can make you beautiful

some stars, you really don't know whether they are wearing makeup or not. You've heard of some plain makeup, but how to draw fake plain makeup? Today, I'll teach you how to draw fake plain makeup~

If you want to be praised for your good skin, in addition to daily maintenance, good skin can also be made up. If you put on a beautiful nude makeup, it not only looks good, but also has a light texture, which is also a kind of protection for your skin. Step 1: the first step of nude make-up is to apply the pre makeup milk first. Make up before the milk can be a good separation of makeup on the skin damage, but also can increase the skin moisture.

Step 2: choose a light and transparent BB cream and put it on your cheeks. Push the BB Cream away with your fingers. The advantage of finger makeup is that the temperature of finger abdomen can make the makeup more comfortable.

STEP 3: the face needs concealer, such as bags under the eyes, black rim of the eye, or some pox and print wrinkles.

STEP 4: what about the mottling caused by too much Concealer? Use the foundation brush to paint the circles to see, and to pay attention to the overall makeup. Step 5: dip the transparent powder with a soft puff and gently press it to the T-shaped area and chin. It not only has oil control effect, but also is not easy to take off makeup, and transparent powder will not form lumps on the face.

Step 6: to create a full face haze effect, you need to use powder brush with pearl light to brush a layer of powder on the face, as a make-up and brighten the complexion of the face. Step 7: plain naked make-up to look good, 360 degrees show small face is the truth. Turn a layer of shadow in the direction of the arrow in the picture under the ear temples to modify the contour of the face.

Step 8: under the eyebrows, you should draw shadow on both sides of the bridge of the nose according to the direction of the pointed head in the picture. The high bridge of the nose can enhance the deep sense of the five senses, and the outline of the small face can stand out.

Step 9: in addition to shadow, highlight is also an important factor to make a beautiful nude makeup. Choose a smaller brush in the middle of the bridge of the nose to light up the three-dimensional sense of the five senses.

Step 10: finally, under the corner of the eye and apple muscle on the same point highlights, soft facial contour, so that naked makeup more detailed and focused. Painting this plain nude makeup, whether it's going out directly or adding some makeup, it's perfect!