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Do not get married only love ok? Such person arrived old can you regret

Nowadays, many people are afraid of marriage and don't want to get married. After feeling married, the pressure of oneself rises instantly, why can have such an idea, do not marry now, the person that only loves, how to do to old? Can regret?

I've been in love with my boyfriend for seven years. I'm 30 years old and my boyfriend is 32 years old. Both of them have a good family and a good financial ability. We are in Shanghai now, and both of them have houses. Because the location is more convenient, they are living in my house, and his house has been rented. Our relationship is also relatively good. We travel every year and we can chat with each other. It can be said that our three outlooks are relatively consistent, and we are very happy to get along with each other. Apart from that marriage certificate, we are no different from other couples.

I thought this state was really good before, but I don't know when to start. Friends around me always have to make fun of each other when they meet. They ask us when we are going to get married. Friends' teasing can also fight back. It's just that every time my family urges me, I'm a little irritable. I don't have a boyfriend. What's more. My parents called and talked about other things in a couple of days. In a different tone, they began to talk about marriage. Moreover, my boyfriend didn't know if he was urged by the family all the time. He also hinted several times that he wanted to ask me when I would get married.

But I remember that when my boyfriend and I first fell in love, we talked about it. Although we were just together at that time and didn't intend to get married, I still remember our attitude towards marriage at that time was refusal. I just don't want to get married. It was then, and it is still. I think since then, we have reached an agreement that we will never get married in our life. But now he has changed. He thinks he should get married, but I'm still the same as before. I don't want to get married. We had a deep communication about our marriage a few days ago, and finally the conversation broke down.

'I remember we talked about marriage. It seemed that we had reached an agreement at that time that we would not get married. Why do you suddenly rebel now? "My boyfriend pondered for a while." it's not sudden. In fact, I've thought about this for a long time. I said I didn't want to get married before, but it's been a long time. At that time, I was too young, but now I hope we can have a more stable relationship. I want a home. "Our relationship is very stable now, and we don't have financial troubles. We get along very well. Why can't we continue to live like this?"

My boyfriend patiently told me that he felt that when he was old, he wanted to do what he wanted to do at that age. Marriage seemed to him to be a natural thing. He didn't think that marriage was the result of change and impulse. But I really don't think it's necessary. We are just like other couples now. The only difference is that we don't have a marriage certificate. He thought I might not want to have children so early. He said I could have children a few years after I got married. I don't deny that there is such a reason, but I don't think that the relationship between two people must rely on a piece of paper.

I don't plan to hold a wedding to get married. If I want to get married, I also plan to have children, and then two people go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate. That's OK. Originally, marriage is a private matter for two people, but my husband thinks that my idea is unreasonable. I found out for the first time that there was such a big difference between me and my boyfriend on this issue, but now we haven't reached an agreement. Are we really going to break up because of this?