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How to wear a neckchain is fashionable? Let's see how stars wear it

Recently on the street, I saw many girls wearing black things around their necks. Later I realized that it was called neckchain. It's very unique. Let's see how stars interpret such necklaces~ The English meaning of "Choker" is a chain tightly hung in the throat. It is said that the origin of Choker was at the end of the 19th century. In order to cover a scar on her neck, Princess Alexandra of Wales wore a necklace made of pearls and velvet all the year round. As a result, this unique dress quickly became popular among the royal family and became the fashion of the upper class. Nowadays, we can often see it in western movies, such as Natalie & middot; Portman's CHOKER in the movie "the killer is not too cold.". Now Choker has gradually become a popular jewelry, because it looks exquisite, small and charming. Wearing it on the neck, it will not appear boastful, emphasize the attention of the neck, and it will not be too simple, making the neck look empty. So it's very popular with fashion, Korean star Gao Junxi in the TV series "she's beautiful" to its hot degree to the climax, the fashion from TV to life, neckchain elements fire all over the streets~

With the popularity of Choker, the concave shape of a star can't be without a neck chain. It can be said that neckless chain is not fashionable. Don't underestimate a necklace. It seems that the appearance of a necklace is more fashionable than a necklace. This kind of wide neck chain can well outline the slender neck line, and also has a unique 'SM' sexy.

Actress Song Xi has worn Choker more than once. It can be called Choker, the true love powder. Under the decoration of Choker, song Qian becomes both sweet and sexy. Charming and lovely Zhou Dongyu's black printed dress is more delicate and compact with the necklace on his neck. Pure and lovely style with a little sexy, very pleasing. Neckchain style talent shows black satin neckchain

This kind of black satin is really the most classic style. It's absolutely right for babies who don't know how to choose this style. Not only don't choose clothes, but also no exaggerated style, very suitable to choose difficult baby's choice. Lace neck chain

I don't like exaggerated style. This kind of vaguely sexy and feminine Lace Choker is a good choice. With a little mature and overlapping neckchain in the girl's breath

This kind of multi-level collar combined with the neck chain, the baby who is more confident in his neck can try. The multi-level neck chain is full of details. Every minute adds a lot of points to your style. Metal collar neck chain

This kind of metal collar neck chain has the strongest fashion sense and is also the style with the highest tone. Suitable for the banquet, you are absolutely the most aggressive and dazzling existence.

Silk scarf modified neck chain

It's also sexy to make necklaces out of scarves. There is a sense of wood, silk scarves have another use.