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How should horsetail be tied? Only in this way can horsetail show more vitality

You usually tie a horsetail. It's neither new nor good-looking. How to make ponytail fashionable? Look at this hairstyle~

Double horsetail effect picture hairstyle comments: This is a lovely and refreshing double horsetail hairstyle, which is composed of three strands of Mahua braided hair and hair tail hot roll. It's super eye-friendly, pure and lovely. With the backward twist of bangs, it's not only refreshing, but also playful. Prepare tools comb two large hairpins several small black hairpins two rubber band curling sticks

Double horsetail hair binding steps:

Step 1: first comb the hair smoothly with a comb, then divide the hair into two parts, and fix it from the back of the head with a big hairpin, as shown in the picture. Step 2: take out a small fringe on the top of your head and fix it with a hairpin. Then take out some hair bundles on the right side to braid a simple three strand braid. In the process of braiding, keep adding the back hair, about 2-3cm below your forehead. Step 3: fix the braid with a rubber band. Step 4: repeat the second step on the left to complete the editing of hair tail. Step 5: take out a small bunch of hair from the fixed braid, cover the rubber band, and fix the hair tail with a black hairpin. Step 6: twist the reserved bangs back to form a small bulge, and then fix the hairpin.

Step 7: curl the hair tail with the curling stick prepared in advance, so that you can finish the double horsetail hair binding.