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A good way to lose waist lets you lose waist quickly

summer is coming, and it's time to show your legs and waist, but what should you do when the fat on your waist comes out? Try this method to lose your waist quickly ~ it really makes you lose your waist quickly~

What should we do if we have a thick waist and a lot of fat? Many people can only choose some loose clothes because of their thick waist. Is there any way to quickly lose waist fat? Master the skills of thin waist, you will quickly lose waist abdominal fat. The fastest way to slim down is here. Take a deep breath every day: stand on an empty stomach, relax your whole body, and let your hands hang down naturally. Spread your feet shoulder width apart and take a deep breath: when you inhale, puff up your abdomen, that is, breathe with your abdomen instead of the girl's chest for three seconds, and then close your stomach when you exhale. Try to make the contraction of the stomach larger, from slow to fast, a little tired can stop.

Do housework: from today on, be a hardworking child. For example, when sweeping the floor, do not use a vacuum cleaner, but use a rag and a broom to consciously increase your amount of exercise; when you choose to wash and iron clothes at noon when the temperature is high, you will sweat a lot; when you are hungry, you can make yourself a delicate slimming lunch, and you can control your appetite.

Smear stomach with salt: before taking a bath, take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to make a paste, and then apply it on the abdomen. After 10 minutes, rinse the salt with hot water, or massage and rinse it off, then you can take a bath. Or, after a bath, sprinkle a spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand and massage your abdomen directly. Don't rub it too hard to make your skin coarser. Water and drink should be reasonable: try to drink a cup of warm water before breakfast, which can dredge the intestines, dilute blood viscosity, reduce blood pressure and control food intake. It is recommended not to drink beer and other drinks containing carbon dioxide. Don't overeat every meal and don't drink immediately after dinner.

To change eating habits: do not immediately sit down or sleep after eating, it is best to keep standing form, you can choose to take a walk or organize some things. In addition to reducing fat accumulation, it can also help digestion. Because 30 minutes after a meal, if you keep still, the most likely to form abdominal fat.

Diet above to pay attention to: do not eat sugar, chocolate, fat too much food, as well as potato chips, baked wings and so on. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat on time, to ensure nutrition, not picky; as the saying goes, eat well in the morning, eat full in the afternoon, eat less in the evening, so we must eat breakfast and Chinese food, dinner is optional, but absolutely should not eat after dinner.

Propping up

First of all, lie on the floor with your hands on the ground and support your upper body. Your hands should be straight, your upper body should be straight, and your neck should be as long as possible. Stand on tiptoe and support your lower body with your hands. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then rest for a while, and then continue to do this brace, at least more than 10 sets. I keep practicing every night, and all the fat in my abdomen and waist is gone, and I can lift my head and slim my face and shape my neck lines.


First of all, stand up, hands together and straighten up, left leg step forward and bend knee 90 degrees, stand on tiptoe, right leg set at the origin and straighten. Lean forward. Hold the posture for 15 seconds each time, and do at least 15 sets.

Leg lift

First of all, stand with your hands bent on both sides of your ears, lift your left foot to the left, bend your waist to the left, and lean your upper body to the left. Hold position for 10 seconds, then change legs and lift. As the legs are raised, the body above the waist should be tilted in the direction of lifting the legs. About 20 sets back and forth.

Leg lift 2

First of all, prepare a chair with a back and face the back to yourself. Then lift the left leg straight, and hold it above the back of the chair, do not touch the back of the chair. Straighten your right leg and bend your hands to make a fist. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then change legs to carry out leg lifting. About 20 sets back and forth.


First of all, lie on the ground, form a 45 degree angle between your hands and the ground, straighten and raise your legs, hold the posture for 15 seconds, then have a rest and continue to do this stretching. Do more than 20 sets at a time.

Side support

First of all, lie on the ground, legs straight and close, one hand to hold the shoulder, the other hand to hold the ground, force up the upper body. Hold the action for 10 seconds, then take a break and move on. Each time insist to do more than 20 sets to have thin waist effect. Notes on thin stomach

Combination of diet and exercise

In front of finishing the 6 small movements, there is a good thin waist effect, but the diet should also pay attention to. First of all, you can not overeat, appropriate intake of some of the Runchang, low calorie food. Food is suitable for light, eat more vegetables, eat less greasy, sweet, fried, puffed and other high calorie food.

perseverance prevails

Whether it is to do exercise, thin stomach, or combined with diet, must adhere to 3 months will have results. After losing weight, we should keep it for a period of time to relax our vigilance, otherwise it will rebound.

Drink plenty of water on an empty stomach

Drinking more water can relieve constipation, wash away the food secretion in the intestine, thus accelerating the speed of intestinal peristalsis. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning can speed up the delivery of water to the large intestine, increase the amount of water in the stool, soften the stool and let it out.

Stand by the wall after dinner

After dinner, stand with your back against the wall for 30 minutes, clamp your hips, so that your hips, back, legs, waist, head and neck are as close to the wall as possible. At the beginning, you can hold a piece of paper, which will not fall. After a few minutes will be very tired, muscle acid, but must insist, 15 minutes later can be liberated. This method can not only thin waist and abdomen, but also thigh, neck and face.

1、 Recognize the misunderstanding

1. There are three muscles in the abdomen that need training.

First of all, we have to recognize a misunderstanding of exercise. Any senior bodybuilding coach will tell you not to mistake it for only one kind of action or equipment to achieve results. The point is that you have to train your abdomen from three different angles over and over again. Although the abdominal muscle is long, it is still divided into three parts. Upper abdominal muscle, lower abdominal muscle and lateral abdominal muscle.

2. The first step is to boost metabolism.

Don't be in a hurry. If you can't see the effect in a short time, it doesn't mean there is no progress. Training during this period will boost your metabolism, which means your body will burn more calories than before, even at rest. It's exciting, isn't it? Of course, you have to keep your diet in check.

3. The golden number for training is 15.

The optimal number of repetitions is 15. For each muscle, continuously repeat 15 times to ensure aerobic exercise; then train another muscle & hellip; & hellip; note that each muscle should be relatively independent training, which is for the perfect shape of the abdomen.

2、 The fastest way to get three thin waists

1. Lean waist

Upper abdomen training

Lie on your back, stretch your legs and lift up almost perpendicular to the ground. Extend your arms back to your head. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Use the strength of your abdomen to lift your upper body and touch your toes with your hands. Do not pause until the action is repeated 15 times (group 1).

Side belly training -- leaning up and touching the knee

Lie on your back, hands crossed under your head, legs raised perpendicular to the ground, knees bent. Lead your upper body up with your jaw, touch your right knee with your right elbow, and then touch your left knee with your left elbow. 15 times on each side. Remember, don't stop!

Lower abdomen training - supine leg lift

Lie on your back with your hands crossed under your head, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the ground, and then lower them without touching the ground. Do it 15 times without interruption.

2. Lean waist exercise

abdominal curl

If you want to achieve the purpose of reducing abdominal fat, it is necessary to control the rhythm and avoid doing many times of sit ups at the beginning, resulting in muscle soreness. Try to do it five times a minute at first, and then slowly increase until it reaches about 30 times a minute. Pay attention to the waist, not the legs or arms.

Hula hoop turns

Shake the hula hoop while watching TV: the hula hoop can consume about 5 calories per kilogram per hour. Take the weight of 45 kilograms as an example, it can consume about 45 (kg) x 5 calories per hour = 225 calories, and it will become a slim beauty in time.

3. Good habit of helping thin waist

Eat at least three fruits and three Liang vegetables a day

Reducing the abdomen is inseparable from the whole body weight loss, so it is necessary to control the intake of total calories. Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only easy to produce a sense of fullness, but also can help you reduce the strong desire to eat desserts. In addition, eating more fiber rich food can effectively treat constipation, which is one of the main culprits of your tummy.

Nine glasses of water a day, less carbonated drinks

Drinking a glass of white water, light honey water or water added with cellulose before breakfast in the morning can accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, discharge the garbage and metabolites in the body overnight, and reduce the chance of small belly. In addition, try to drink less carbonated drinks and those with high sugar content, they will make your stomach bulge like a balloon.

Stay away from alcohol

Beer, cocktail, Baijiu or other alcoholic beverages may be the main cause of your abdominal fleshy. Although alcohol does not contain fat, it has a high calorie content. Only a cup of 200 ml alcohol can reach 100 kilocalories. Alcohol also increases your body's cortisol level, a powerful hormone that helps store fat in your lower abdomen.

Sit up straight

Losing weight is sometimes not as difficult as people think. Some people as long as correct sitting posture, abdominal chest, you can reduce some accumulation in the abdominal fat. Remind yourself at any time to hold your chest up, shrink your abdomen, straighten your waist and sit like a bell. Even if you can't keep it up all the time, if you want to do it, you may lose 2 kg or more of the cumbersome fat from your stomach.

Be a clean woman

Wash your own clothes, don't throw them into the washing machine, and then lie on the sofa and watch TV. Clean the kitchen and mop the floor after dinner. Wipe tables and other furniture to make yourself a hardworking and clean woman. These daily chores prevent you from lying or sitting immediately after meals, prevent fat from accumulating in your belly, and also burn a lot of calories.