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Top 3 is your favorite sign to make an appointment with?

There are many magic weapons about cannons everywhere, but not everyone has them. There are many successful experiences and cases about cannons on the Internet. But in fact, in addition to skills, many people ignore the important point, which is the constellation. Find a good constellation to let you go to heaven, and a bad constellation to let you live in prison. Lock in the following three constellations to ensure that you get twice the result with half the effort and no longer feel empty and lonely It's cold.


Don't look like Taurus is usually a good card, but it's very sultry. They can't live without sex. They don't reject the relationship between cannons. But Taurus, who has a low-key style, doesn't like to be discovered by others. They come secretly, so if they want to become cannons with Taurus, they may have to sign a contract first.


Scorpio, who always gives people a sense of mystery, has stronger sexual desire than appetite and great sexual needs, which is well known to all. But they are bold and small. They want to be friends with them, and they don't take the initiative. But they don't refuse to come. After all, Scorpio, who is passionate, doesn't feel that they can't do it, so they don't have to die. It's a high success rate to find single people.


Sagittarius advocates freedom and freedom, which is the same in sex. They like to pursue excitement and freshness, which is the sign most likely to become a fireman. But remember not to pester or ask too much for them, otherwise Sagittarius who likes new things and dislikes old ones will soon go to find the next new one!