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What's the meaning of wife? Do you understand as a man?

what's the meaning of wife? If you still think of her as a nagging and beautiful woman, you should know how much your wife has paid for you. That's what a wife really means.

What is a wife? It's silly to laugh and annoying to nag. It's just a weak woman, but it's also a home for you. It makes you think of someone who will be distressed.

1. In order to be with you, refuse other men who are kind to her, to build a family with you, to leave home, to stay away from parents and friends, to ask whether you like to have a boy or a girl, to cry with you late into the night when you fail in your career, and to hold you silently with your thin arms.

2. People who are hungry in the middle of the night and say you have many things to do, but get out of bed immediately to cook noodles for you; people who don't want to eat half of your meal, and she yells about waste, but she picks up your bowl to finish it for you; people who don't take a bath for two days and have a beard and dregs, and pull you into the bathroom and pick up a razor to clean you up while hating your dirty.

3. The person who fights with you all his life, shed a lot of tears for you, and still wants to sleep with your arm in the middle of the night; the person who quarrels, cries and says that he wants to leave you, and finally can't help but sneak back to see you; the person who says that he won't give each other expensive gifts, but secretly saves food and money, in order to give you a watch on your birthday; 4, shopping with you, you have no taste on the side of the Tucao, but always ask you how this person is; always make complaints about you, but say you are not hungry when you entertain; it is the one who can't cook but study hard for you.

5. Fear of losing you, every moment like a vinegar jar warning you not to flirt with people; when you are most helpless, always accompany the people around you; you did not answer her phone, she was crazy to keep calling, worried about your accident that person.

6, keep the sweet short hair you sent her, often make complaints about yourself, see yourself in silly laughter; I often Tucao you, but when others say you bad words, desperately defend your people; when you are sick, you curse how you do not take good care of yourself, but secretly asked for leave from the company to run home.

7. Go out to follow you, look at your broad back, feel that you are all her people. People who say 'I don't want you to give me a lot of money' and 'I just want you to give me a lot of love'. You are at the top of her wechat, and she notes you as' dear '. I hope you can get back to her.

8. Working late into the night, when you get home, she puts hot water for you to take a bath, and cries heartily for the people who must take care of you in the future; when you go home late, the dishes on the table are hot and hot by her, and you must wait for you to come back to eat together; when you play games late into the night, you refuse to sleep, angry and scold you; when you steal, you do a lot of things for you, but never tell you.

9. I remember the dishes you like to eat and only order the people you like to eat when you go out; the people who coquettish with you and say that they want to go for a walk with you when they are old; the people who give birth to children, wash clothes and cook meals for you, and turn young girls into yellow faced women.

10. Willing to accompany you all your life, let you gradually understand the love and responsibility, let you become mature and responsible person; you are away on business, will always miss her taste of the person; is that let you feel that life in addition to magnificent, but also can lead a long life.

11. After having her, you will no longer like others; you are willing to spend money on her; you always like to rub her hair; you hold her hand and don't want to let go; you want to bully her, but also want to love her; you are determined to take care of people for a lifetime.

12. Wife is a person who has no blood relationship with you, but also the one who loves you most. With her in the day is particularly solid, with her in the family will be particularly warm. If you have such a good wife, please cherish everything she brings to you!