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How to chat up college boys, girls teach you successful chat up no problem

how can you successfully chat up a girl in university? I'll teach you some methods to make you successfully chat up a girl!

How to chat up girls in university canteen

When you see a beautiful woman cooking, you greet her and say elegantly: classmate, (pointing to her dish) what kind of dish are you cooking? As soon as she opens her mouth, you will have a chance to take advantage of it. Then, oh, I think you look very temperament (or have seen you many times) so you can get to know each other and make friends? And so on.

2. On the dining table

When you see your favorite person, you say to her: can I sit over? If the other person doesn't mean to refuse, you will take the initiative to sit over and chat. Pick up girls at the gate of University 1. Only go to school, not outside school

2. At the same time, if there is any activity, you will occupy a meeting next to her, let her have a vague impression of you, listen to her talk, and then she will walk away quietly. After about a minute or two, when she also leaves, you will walk from behind and catch up with her (don't run fast, let her feel, otherwise it will create obstacles for you). You go over and ask 'is this seat taken by anyone'? Generally quiet girls will not refuse you to sit next to them, After sitting down, it depends on your own performance, but it's better not to rush to speak after sitting down. You have to wait. When she has something she doesn't understand, it's time for you to express yourself. Helping her is the best way to approach others. Then I don't have to say it.

2. First of all, you should sit nearby, preferably behind her, and then study by yourself. When you start to relax in front of her, you can observe what she is looking at, and then you can say: are you XX professional? Do you know XXX? After that, I try to continue the topic, but I can't find a topic to chat with? If you want to chase girls and improve your ability, please check out the love lovers website and the bubble learning forum,

3. Often see the decision to take, every time I sit in front of her self-study, after about a week or two, for example (prepare a box of mint, there are two left in it, pretend to be tired of reading, take out a mint and eat one, look back, ask: classmate, do you want to eat mint? Then try to be natural expression: because the last one, this sugar is delicious (and so on, remember nature) The other party refuses (usually refuses), laughs, and then says: you don't usually eat sugar? Then continue the topic yourself. This is too simple, I don't take an umbrella, and then wait for the beauty, see, smile in the past: say, classmate, can you share your umbrella? And then wait for her sign, and then use the umbrella with her.

2. Talk about the information of both sides. It's better to ask a question with a set question, which major is better than a junior. After that, you can say: thanks to you, otherwise I have a cold again. Well, we know each other pretty well. Let's make a friend. It doesn't matter what you say. What you want is to be superior in momentum. If you have momentum, women will develop according to your intention.