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Fashion style earrings to see if you have to keep up with the trend?

what kind of earrings are popular in 2017? Let these trinkets decorate your beauty quickly ~ rings and lines are the love of fashion stars. Let's take a look at the pop trend of stars, find the right earrings for your face shape and style, and make your early spring style more eye-catching! Ring Earrings

The humble metal ring has a magical function. With its blessing, many items can instantly double their fashion, such as belts, shoes, bags, and even ordinary zippers with it. Metal ring earrings are also very popular this year. Aurate, a New York jewelry brand, has a ring earring, which has been robbed in less than 12 hours. Now it's replenished. If you like, you can go to the official website to have a look. If you want to be cool, you can learn from Bella Hadid to make a handsome boxer braids (boxing hair), with Round Earrings, sexy and playful, suitable for street style. This kind of coil combination style, how to combine all good-looking, no ring earrings so monotonous, lines can also modify the face. It's more fashionable to wear it separately, with a ring in the left ear and a line in the right.


If the round face is not suitable for wearing ring earrings, then slender popular earrings are good news for you. It's simple and fashionable to decorate the face. The single line shape may not be attractive enough. This kind of pendant earrings with a combination of line and surface are more popular on the show. For example, Celine and off white have launched geometric earrings, hanging a rectangular copper piece, which looks extremely cold. When collocation can square circle Union, asymmetry is enough interesting.

Flaky type

Sheet earrings are more artistic and fashionable than the above two. In street photography, metal materials are the most common, and there are more fan-shaped and circular shapes.

Occasionally, you can try some earrings with strange shapes and special materials, full of artistic flavor.


Although simple earrings are the mainstream in the street, there are still many gorgeous brain hole earrings on the show in autumn and winter of 17, such as Fendi's flower earrings. If you don't want to bump into passers-by, you can try them. The eye-catching shape ensures that you can win easily.