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How to draw a high bridge of the nose tutorial angelababy hybrid make-up makes you a baby in seconds

Every time I hear someone say that they look like angelababy, I always want to say where the courage of that person comes from. As long as there is a little bit of difference, I really want to turn against that person. As like as two peas, a big face and a mixture of tiny blood, it is impossible to be the same as her. However, imitation is still acceptable with makeup. Let Xiaobian offer you a complete teaching of makeup.

Point 1 & gt; & gt; draw long and thin thick eyebrows. Angelababy's eyebrows are long and thin, and they are very thick. So don't accidentally draw thick and flat eyebrows when drawing!

Point 2 & gt; & gt; draw the "ㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑㄑ.

In addition, the high nose is also a big feature of baby, you can choose the light brown eyebrow powder brush in figure a, and use the remaining powder to draw a triangle in Figure B, there will be a significant effect to make the nose stand up!

Point 3> > orange eye shadow under the eye tail halo dye a larger extent in the imitation of baby eye makeup, we should pay special attention to the lower eye tail halo dyeing a larger area, and the double eyelid is also very important!

So we choose orange eye shadow on the entire eyelid, then use dark brown to draw in the eye fold, and finally paint the rest of the color in the whole lower eyelid location (Fig. C), and draw a deep black eyeliner close to the eyelid.

Angelababy's double eyelids are not particularly wide. Take out the double eyelid sticker and stick it to the length less than 0.5 from the eyelids!

It's finished. Isn't it very similar!