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Manicure course of hand painted leaves

spring is coming, and the representative color of early spring is tender green. Today, I bring you a hand-painted leaf manicure course. The spring breath you feel is from your hands ~ let's have a look ~ hand-painted leaf manicure course

Choose bright yellow and green nail polish, make a hand-painted leaf pattern, and use golden onion French manicure collocation, it is very delicate ~ the first step: prepare the nail polish and tools, trim and polish the nail surface, brush the primer, light for 60 seconds. Step 2: brush the French color block with yellow nail polish on the front edge of index finger and little finger, as shown in the figure, and light for 60 seconds. Step 3: brush a gradient on the front edge of the nail with blue scallion nail polish, as shown in the picture, and light for 60 seconds. Step 4: dip the yellow nail polish with the marking pen and draw the outline of the leaves on the nail, as shown in the figure. Step 5: fill the inside with yellow, dip the green scallion nail polish with a line marker, draw lines along the leaf outline, and light for 60 seconds. Step 6: dip in the green nail and paint the outline and texture lines of the leaves, as shown in the picture, lighting for 60 seconds. Step 7: finally, after all the nails are completely dry, brush on the varnish and wait for it to dry!