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How to deal with shrinkage of sweater

what should I do if my sweater shrinks? There are still a lot of sweaters in spring. What should I do if I can't wear them after washing? My mother teaches you some tips. First, steam iron the shrink sweater fiber, heat it with a steam iron, and then stretch it with both hands while it's hot to restore its original size.


(1) Because the heating area of the steam iron is limited, in order to ensure the uniform stretching of the fiber, the method of partial, segmented, partial and heating stretching is adopted for the sweater.

(2) It is impossible to stretch the fiber a lot at a time. It needs to be heated and stretched repeatedly.

(3) Before stretching, you should know the total length of stretching, so as to know the stretching length of each section. After all stretching, you should measure the total length with ruler. If the length is not enough, it can be repeated.

(4) Pay special attention to the size, and finally make appropriate adjustment.

(5) The operation should be carried out on the ironing table. At home, a layer of blanket can be laid on the table. After all, it is best to heat and shape by the portrait machine and cool to shape.

2、 Amonia water (1) add about 30 & deg; of warm water into the laundry container and drop a small amount of home amonia water;

(2) When the sweater is immersed in water, the soap left on the wool will dissolve;

(3) Both hands at the same time gently lengthen the reduced part, rinse to dry;

(4) Before half dry, open it by hand, make it into its original shape, and iron it with an iron to restore it to its original shape.

3、 The thick paper board (1) is cut into the size and shape of the original sweater with the thick paper board (the paper board of the household appliance packing box);

Note: it is better to polish the scissors with sandpaper to avoid damaging the sweater.

(2) Put the sweater on the cardboard and fix it with several clotheslocks;

(3) Then use the electric iron to repeatedly steam iron all parts of the sweater, and remove it after it is completely cooled.

4、 Steamer for serious shrinkage, we can use hot steam stretch to restore the sweater to its original state, the method is as follows:

(1) Clean the sweater first;

Use about 30 & deg; of warm water and a moderate amount of neutral detergent (or shampoo, sweater detergent, etc.) to gently squeeze and clean the sweater. The practical ratio of water and washing product is about 30:1, and then it is wrapped with dry cloth for extrusion dehydration,

(2) Prepare the steamer, add proper amount of water and bring to a boil;

(3) Put the washed sweater into the steamer drawer, steam for 10 minutes, then take out the sweater;

Note: wrap the sweater with a piece of clean cloth (preferably white cloth to prevent color fading) and steam it together to prevent the sweater from getting dirty. Generally, the sweater can be taken out when it is wet and steaming.

(4) Put the sweater on the cardboard and pull the corners, neckline and cuffs to the size of cardboard. And fixed with pins or clips, individual parts can be stretched by hand.

Note: before stretching, you should know the total length of the sweater and the length ratio of each part, and you should not stretch too much at one time. Measure the total length with a ruler after all pulling, and repeat if the length is not enough.

(5) When it is completely cooled, remove the cardboard, spread the sweater flat and dry in the shade, and the sweater can return to its original size.

5、 The dry cleaner (1) takes the clothes to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning;

(2) Then find a special shelf of the same model as the clothes and hang up the sweater;

(3) The sweater is treated with high temperature steam, and the clothes can be restored to their original appearance.

How to prevent shrinkage of sweaters: (1) when washing, gently squeeze with your hands, avoid rubbing, kneading and twisting with your hands.

(2) After washing, squeeze out the excess water by hand, then wrap it with dry cloth and press it to dehydrate.

(3) After dehydration, spread the sweater in a well ventilated place to dry. When it is fast drying, stretch the sweater to restore its original size.