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How powerful are genes? Just look at the beauty of the second generation of stars

according to Taiwan media reports, Hong Kong's sexy goddess Qiu Shuzhen has been married for 18 years and has three beautiful daughters, Shen Yue, Shen RI and Shen Chen.

Among them, the eldest daughter Shen Yue, who is 15 years old, not only inherits her mother's good genes, but also becomes more and more beautiful. Shen Yue and her relative's child, Shen Yue, inherited her mother's good-looking genes. Since instagram was launched, she has often published beautiful photos of her daily life, which always amazes people. However, Shen Yue is not only beautiful, she has been cultivated all kinds of talents since she was a child. She is also gifted in dancing and painting.

Shen Yue's sketches went to the art exhibition with her relatives and children on the 26th. She also uploaded several photos one after another. Wearing a big red dress, she wore eye makeup and large circle earrings. She was dressed up mature and gorgeous.

Shen Yue and her relatives' children