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Eye wrinkle method to keep young and not aging

with the growth of age, eye wrinkles will emerge. If you want to keep young, you can learn the following recipes to avoid more and more wrinkles~

The pressure of work and life make skin suffer. The eye is the most delicate part of the whole body skin, so the skin around the eye is the most prone to aging, relaxation, easy to form wrinkles. Therefore, eye wrinkle has become more important.

The skin around the eyes only contains a small amount of fat, and the eyelid is the thinnest skin of the human body, very fragile, easy to edema, it is easy to grow wrinkles, and with the growth of age and deepening. The appearance of eye wrinkles is not difficult to remove, because the stratum corneum is relatively weak, fast recovery. So, how to do eye wrinkles? The following small series for you to introduce eye wrinkles 5 small recipe.

Eye wrinkle recipe 1: let hot compress become the prelude of skin care

Use hot compress to promote the blood circulation of the skin, and let the skin restore moisture. Soft. Use eye care products again, it will be easier to absorb. In addition, in addition to the traditional towel hot compress, you can also use tea bags to soothe the eyes.

Eye wrinkle recipe 2: massage anti-aging

Due to the pressure of work and life, poor blood circulation and dry eye wrinkles, we can massage the skin around the eyes to eliminate the initial or less serious eye wrinkles. After bathing in the evening, the skin will be fully warm. At this time, the effect of massage around the eyes will be better.

Eye wrinkles small recipe 3: the correct use of eye cream

To eliminate eye wrinkles, first of all, you need to supplement eye moisture and form a good habit of using eye cream. Moisturizing eye cream is a regular weapon for skin care. When applying eye cream, don't daub it carelessly. The correct method is: first, apply a little eye cream on the ring finger, then spread the eye cream evenly with the ring finger of the other hand, then gently pat around the eyelids, and finally massage 5 ~ 6 times in circles.

Eye wrinkle small recipe 4: often do eye movement

Always do eye movements, such as opening your eyes as wide as possible for a few seconds; slowly close your eyes, and then open them when your eyelids are about to contact. The movements should be relaxed, repeated 5 times in a row, several times a day.

Eye wrinkle recipe 5: homemade natural eye mask

No.1: honey egg yolk eye mask, add an egg yolk to a spoonful of honey, then add two drops of olive oil, it has the effect of moisturizing and anti wrinkle. Do it once or twice a week, the effect is very good.

No.2: milk eye mask, first put the milk into the refrigerator to cool, and then soak the skimmed milk with cotton chips to apply it on the eyelids. Two times in the morning and evening, 10 minutes each time, can help eliminate eye wrinkles.

No.3: cucumber egg white eye mask, mix cucumber juice with one egg white, add 2 drops of white vinegar, and apply it around the eyes to moisturize and remove wrinkles. 1-2 times a week, can effectively remove wrinkles Oh, try it quickly.