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It's no problem for the slightly fat girls to wear clothes in spring

worry about your body is not good enough, slightly fat can also be very lovely ~ as long as you wear the right clothes, can match, in fact, you can also become a goddess ~ American fashion blogger Tony S. is absolutely a standard slightly fat girl, legs are not tall, but even so, it does not delay others fashionable and handsome. Come and have a look at Tonya S.'s autumn wear, so easy.

Knitted sweater is the first choice for autumn wear, which can bring a bit of laziness and warmth. In the selection of styles, if you wear it alone, a little looser style with skinny jeans is very thin, especially with black skinny jeans and shoes of the same color

This year's popular micro La jeans, fat girls can also wear more, choose the smaller style of micro La, more slim legs. The color of the hat and shoes is also very durable, and the longer style can cover the butt and part of the thigh meat.

Of course, if you don't mind showing thick legs, it's OK to match it with a slim top. Shoes and bags with color let look more unified, slightly fat mushroom cool.

Besides knitting sweaters, all kinds of coats are necessary in autumn. Slightly fat mushroom cool is more suitable for the fit of the coat, especially the style of the fabric is better, this can be a good modification of the body, and the crisp clothes also show more texture, look more advanced. It's suitable for early autumn to wear a dress inside the coat. If it's a medium and long coat, you can either match it with one piece whose length is not as good as the position of the coat, or pay attention to the construction of the high waistline or expose the ankle, otherwise it's easy to be short and procrastinating. For the same coat, if the inner piece is longer than the coat, you should pay attention to the creation of the waistline. For example, the top + high waist skirt is a good choice. Autumn coat with trousers, exposing the ankle will show much higher and thinner. Denim coat and leather coat are the necessary items for autumn's chubby and cool shopping. It's very good to wear one piece dress or high waist dress inside. Remember that shoes and bottoms are more long legs in color. If they are matched with trousers, the ankles are thinner.