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How does the blush brush brush well after learning?How can

have a good complexion? The blush brush to buy home will not be used? Blush brush is also divided into fan brush and bevel brush. The most important step of make-up girl's face treatment is oh ~ blush brush how to use the main points 1: cooperate with face to blend light and shade contrast, so that the face shape is more stereoscopic. Lack of light and shade will make the face more flat.

Point 2: use the double blush to create the most natural makeup. Although the single blush can create a sense of color, it is more rigid and rigid. If collocation is different, it can not only make the makeup feel natural, but also blush. Point 3: the best collocation tool for blush is fan brush, because the fan brush is circular like radian due to force when brushing, and this radian is the most beautiful blush radian, so it is the best auxiliary tool for blush.

Point 4: to prevent excessive hand, it is best to wipe the most terrible blush on the back of the hand. That is, the makeup of the actors and actress is red and big. The mistake of excessive dosage is the most common mistake many beginners make. If you can not properly handle the powder, you may as well play it on the back just in case.