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How can a fat girl look thin when wearing clothes

do you feel that your body is not perfect? Do you always feel that your legs are thick and your stomach is big? That's because your clothes are not in place. How to wear it is very particular. A good way to dress can help you avoid the deficiency of your figure and give full play to the advantages of your figure. First, fat mm chooses short coat with long clothes and tower skirt. The length of the skirt is very important. If it is long, it will appear short. If it is short, it will make the deficiency of the thigh more prominent. It should be longer than half of the thigh, and the longest is just to the kneecap. Wearing a jacket or shoulder pads can create the illusion of long lines. So when you wear a suit, you should choose a long tie and avoid bows. Four & middot; fat mm general face round, neck short, so the collar type of the door is more appropriate. The collar angle should not be too wide, but it should not be too narrow; the chest should not be too large, and the waist should be slightly retracted, so as to fit the body; the style should not be complex, and strive to be simple and simple; the coat pattern should not be transverse. Sweatshirt or thick sweater is the most ideal clothing for fat people, it can hide the big belly, but never too short or too tight. As long as the arms are not the fattest, a sleeveless top is the most suitable. A sleeveless top can narrow your body, especially if it covers your shoulders. In addition, the jacket with knee length skirt or shorts is also good. Seven & middot; wear dark color to show thin, but also can't be dull. Even in autumn, do not choose too shallow clothing, and deep narrow strip or printing is appropriate. The deviation between the jacket and trousers or skirt should not be too strong, otherwise it is easy for others to turn their attention to the body.