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How to wear high-heeled shoes not tired feet these tips teach you

Some people always ask: aren't you tired with such high heels? Xiaobian just wants to say that not only are you tired, but also your feet hurt. So, next time you meet a girl wearing high heels, just boast that she looks good. Today, Xiao Bian teaches you how to get rid of the problems of high-heeled shoes squeezing feet, tired walking and too hard leather.

1. Usually do not always wear the same height of high-heeled shoes, in order to avoid the same foot often squeezed.

2. When sitting upright, you should first bend your feet, then gently extend your legs, maintain this posture for 30 minutes, do not lift your legs, you can relax your feet.

3. When walking in high-heeled shoes, you should keep your chest and abdomen straight, be natural and generous, and walk steadily. You should not bend your back or run fast, let alone climb the mountain.

4. Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of feet, develop the habit of soaking feet in hot water, and massage properly.

5. If you wear high-heeled shoes with high heels, you should pay attention to the occasion. Don't wear them in crowded cars or on uneven roads, because they are designed for special occasions, such as dancing.

6. Some very high heels are not designed to walk. Wearing them at a specific time has a great 'sexual' meaning. It is unnecessary to wear them at ordinary times, so special attention should be paid to them.

7. Usually wear high-heeled shoes to walk should pay attention to constantly rest, rest can tip up, activities about the calf.

8. It's best not to wear shoes barefoot, it will hurt the skin of the feet.

9. When wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, you should pay attention to having time to move your toes, so that you can relax and prevent the same part from being squeezed too much.

10. Usually trim nails should not be too hard, to prevent nail inflammation.

11. When walking in high-heeled shoes, the heel must move backward from time to time. Don't force the toes too much because of the high heel. Give the toes some space, even if it is very small. It doesn't look good to push your toes forward.

12. Choose new high-heeled shoes must be a little tight, not too big, otherwise it will lead to sprain because of high-heeled shoes, or blister because of foot grinding. Wear new shoes to have a certain period of running in, so the new high-heeled shoes do not wear for a long time at the beginning, it is best to stay at home, and then go out to wear after a period of time.

13. If you have time, you can stand one meter away from a wall, put your upper body against the wall, extend your lower body outward, keep your heels flat on the ground, repeat several times, stretch for 20 seconds each time, and often do the above exercises to help prevent foot discomfort.