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How to cut air bangs at home

Do you feel that your bangs are too thick? Do you like bangs sticking to your forehead? You can't show your beautiful face? Now the popular air bangs can help you. You don't need to go to the barber shop, just need a pair of scissors. You can easily finish it at home

Note: This is the most critical step in the whole haircut process!! it will directly determine the thickness and dispersion of bangs. Here will be their own triangle quantitative, easy to compare.

Mm will not be divided can call their own small partners to help Oh

A the bottom of triangle area looks forward, and the left and right bottom points of triangle area are in a vertical line with the center of two black eyes (iris = =). A comb can be used to assist.

The vertex of triangle B is on the same vertical line with the sideburns when viewed from the side.

In the first step, if you want to get a thicker (thinner) bang than the dew, you should increase (reduce) the triangle area appropriately, that is, change it into a similar triangle of the original triangle.

Add the second step, the wider / shorter mm of face shape can appropriately shorten the bottom edge to get a narrower bang, and the hair on both sides can be put down to modify the face shape; the narrower / longer mm of face shape can appropriately increase the bottom edge to get a wider Bang to make the face round

Pull the triangular hair under your eyes (where you want to cut it).

Keep your hand on your hair and pull it up to the horizontal position. Note: the more acceptable method is to cut directly without pulling up. The bangs cut at this height in the picture are very broken. Compared with straightening the hair down, the haircut is just equivalent to lengthening the hair below. If the friends don't like it, they can finally trim the very broken and slightly longer hair below.

Cut the hair along the thumb. It was originally seen on a Korean variety show that the thumb method (cutting bangs along the outline of the thumb). In fact, whether the difference along the thumb contour is not big, since the degree of looseness is determined, it doesn't matter to bend and cut along the thumb along the finger seam. It's just that this method is easy to determine the position of the cut

If you don't feel at ease, you can cut the length first, so that you can practice and have room for modification.

The last step is to gently take the whole bangs with a curling stick (or hair dryer + styling comb) and get Dang! Dang! Dang!