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Sun Xiaoxiao, Yang Zi PK White Snake modeling "new white snake biography" modeling thunder!

Remake classics have become a normal form of entertainment. Recently, another version of the White Snake was filmed. The female lead was fixed on the makeup photo. Before the Tucao Yang Zi make complaints about &hellip, &hellip, and the stars of the White Snake model PK, which one do you love best?

Sun Xiaoxiao's meatballs are in sharp contrast to Yang Zi's double meatballs. Are Taoist marbles sure that this is not Xu Xian? Is Yang Zi's double marbles sure that it is not Nezha?

Compared with the classic version, Zhao Yazhi was 38 years old when she played Bai Suzhen. Her temperament was gentle and generous, and she was a typical type of ancient beauty.

There are two styles of Zhao Yazhi's classic hairstyle, one is a fluffy high bun, and then wear it with a hairpin, which is gentle and dignified. The other is the most recognizable 'Mickey hairstyle', which adds immortality by fixing the bun.

I used to think that Yang Zi's Nezha head was too cute and modern, but now I look at Sun Xiaoxiao's meatball head.

But considering that in the legend of the White Snake, Yang Zi plays Bai Yaoyao, the snake demon who is stupid and cute, which is very consistent with the image of Bai Yaoyao. It's much more comfortable than the high cold feeling of Lu Xueqi who loved you before.