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After saving lazy cancer patients, girls are no longer afraid not to go out without shampoo

The most troublesome thing for girls is that the hair oil is too fast, too lazy, and they don't want to wash their hair. Every time I see a wisp of oil in my hair, I want to snap it with a pair of scissors! But today I see this beautiful woman who can be so beautiful without washing her hair. It's amazing to me that there is such a way in the world that I don't need to wash my hair often in the future. OK! Open my heart!

Previously, she said on YouTube

She washes her hair about every three days

Only on the first day will be on the bar, otherwise every day with hands will be sour

(honest mushroom cool, salute all hairstylists here)

What? Can lazy girl paper be beautiful?

Let's see how she got her curly hair from the first day

Start changing your hair style (according to the oil level)~


Oil head degree 0%

On the first day after washing her head, she usually does a big roll

And I'm sure I'll have my hair

When she wants to be mature, she will clip a curve back

Usually, they are used to Liuhai not to roll up, and naturally hang down, showing a sense of beauty

If Liuhai is all set aside

It's a different beauty, right?

If you want to add highlights in a dead winter

Girls with Hairbands at home

You can also refer to the tie-in bow band

Match romantic curly hair


30% oil head

The next day, because there is volume

The hair won't be too flat and greasy

Braiding is a good choice

Remember, it's also a style to grasp and untie

Braids vs hats

Absolutely necessary for it girls

Panama cap or baseball cap are super match!


70% oil head

Up to the third day, the top of my head means I'm pretty oily

At this time, we will invite our good friends:


Help cover up the fact of oil head

The hair and tail are still curly

Put on your beret and you can go out

There's also a hair cap. Don't worry about your hairstyle

Winter friend

As a la Blogger

How can there be no baseball cap?

Only open the sea, horsetail back

Middle long hair with Panama hat

It's really in tune

Day 4

The degree of oil head is 95%

If you're too lazy, you don't want it

Can you stay up to the fourth day without washing your hair

Here's your fourth hairstyle: meatballs

Girl's salvation without Shampoo

Or simply low horsetail

Don't show your hair too much

You won't find out that you didn't wash your hair.

It doesn't matter if there's no curl at all

Pretty high ponytail Hairband

The hair band can cover the top of the head, killing two birds with one stone