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How to thin back fat graphic three moves the fastest way to thin back fast get!

Don't just focus on the waist and legs when you lose weight and shape. It's amazing that you have a lot of back fat. Now the temperature is low and you're still wearing thick clothes. But as the season of off shoulder and off back is coming, aren't you ready to lose back?

Many mm have ignored the back maintenance, a look in the mirror to find that the original has accumulated so much meat, meat back gives people super strong feeling, say good Petite Keren?

Admire others' good-looking figure with thin shoulder belt? You can also hold your back successfully by practicing fragrant shoulder and beautiful back! For a fast and effective thin back, let's first see the reasons for the accumulation of back fat!

[the reason for the tiger's back]

Fat accumulation

Back is very difficult to move to the parts, usually lack of exercise, naturally easy to pile up fat, back so love meat place also can't be spared!

Poor sitting posture

Many people have the bad habit of stooping and hunching. If their posture is not correct for a long time, it is easy to cause bone deformation, which not only affects the appearance of their body, but also leads to the accumulation of fat. Most of all, hunchback can also cause chest shrinkage!

[thin back method]

Improve posture

Starting from the correct posture, standing with standing posture and sitting with sitting posture, have you ever been taught by Ma Ma since childhood? As a girl, not only the beautiful face should be maintained, but also the good posture is very important! Always remind yourself to hold your chest up, raise your head and close your stomach, and stand against the wall when you rest, so as to help improve your posture.

In addition, you can follow the tutorial to contact some simple yoga movements, yoga has a good shaping effect!

Simple thin back exercise up!

Action 1: kneel down with your feet at a 90 degree angle, your hands and shoulders in a vertical line, and your hands support your shoulders on both sides.

Action 2: straighten and raise the left foot and right hand at the same time, try to tighten the whole body, especially the abdominal muscles, for four seconds.

Action 3: touch the right elbow with the left knee, and repeat the whole group four times after the same four seconds.

After that, go back to the first step, and then change the other hand and foot. Repeat the same set of movements for four times.