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Does wisdom tooth extraction really reduce face? Can wisdom tooth extraction change face shape

People don't love beauty, and it's natural that they should not. In order to lose face, they should pull out wisdom teeth. But can they really lose face? It's said that some wisdom teeth can't be pulled out, and some wisdom teeth can really lose face!

Think about it. Wisdom teeth grow at the back of the alveolar bone, which directly affects the shape of the cheekbones and cheeks. These are the two key positions in shaping the face shape. How many people can achieve the effect of bone shaving and plastic surgery? Maybe the wisdom teeth will be removed.

So the question is: is this really the case?

First of all, let's see why we get 'big face disease'?

1. The overdevelopment of mandible causes the angle of mandible to be too thick or too stretched out, which is hereditary.

2. Facial inflammation: such as pericoronitis of wisdom teeth, periapical periodontitis, periodontal abscess, etc., leading to facial swelling.

3. Maxillofacial tumor, osteomyelitis of mandible, etc.

4. Local excessive fat accumulation.

5. The lower part is short due to excessive tooth wear or deep occlusion.

6. Developed masticatory muscles, such as molars, cause hypertrophy of masticatory machine.

Now that we know the cause of the disease, let's look at which kind of wisdom tooth removal can help us lose face

1. Wisdom teeth are long and crooked, and they are on the buccal side, resulting in the hypertrophy of mandibular angle. After removal, the supporting function of wisdom teeth is no longer available. If the muscle layer on the face is thin enough and soft enough, the effect of depression can appear after removal of wisdom teeth. In this way, the face will look thinner. If the muscle layer is thick and the masseter muscle is developed, there may be no change after removal of wisdom teeth & hellip; & hellip;

2. If the wisdom teeth cause inflammation in the past and cause facial swelling, the swelling will be eliminated after removal, and the face will lose weight. This is really 'you are beautiful', and then you are bullied by wisdom teeth!

3. There is another kind: tooth friends with heavy reaction after tooth extraction, eat less, lose weight, and naturally lose face shape.

Warm reminder: Zhangzhou Jiamei chain stomatologist said, wisdom tooth extraction face thinning is an individual case, and wisdom tooth extraction should also consider many aspects, such as some wisdom teeth close to the mandibular nerve, extraction is not only troublesome and dangerous, sometimes can damage the mandibular nerve, cause mandibular numbness, so wisdom tooth extraction can be careful, not blind! But in the face of long disabled 'impacted teeth' must not stay Love, timely removal!