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South Korea lovers wear with Valentine's day, the most in collocation sadistic dog!

In recent years, there are more and more changes in the style of lovers' clothes, from color, style to tailoring. They pay attention to each other's clothes, from the high-profile love in the clothing performance to the corresponding modeling and dressing. When walking on the road, they can't help but want to see more! If you worry about putting too many elements in the whole body, you might as well take this year's most popular college tee and Hoodie Tee, the use of basic pieces, easy to show fashion style.

University tee

With different color levels, tannin materials of the same elements, shoes of the same style, and college tee of deep and light tone, you can wear the style of lovers in a high profile.

From last year's Yanshao to this year's College tee style, the simple and easy style is deeply loved by many people, and the style changes are more and more diversified. From the basic version to the broad sense of tailoring, different designs can show a strong personality and leisure.

The color system is used to present the couple's dress. The University tee in black and white color is matched with different coats in the same color. The handsome couple's style is easy to have.

In recent years, it is quite popular to wear the same brand, using different accessories, matching with the logo style, and the collocation way of xiaoqiaosi, which makes people have a super impression at a glance.

Hooded tee

The hooded tee can be regarded as the best one for lazy people to wear. The casual style hooded top can easily show the style of leisure and style no matter what kind of items it is matched with. Even the big stars in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea love to wear it